Ten top celebrity fiction wrters

Some Day I'll Find You by Richard Madeley
Some Day I'll Find You by Richard Madeley

News that Keith Richards is to publish his first children’s book, Gus and Me, prompted Morecambe 
Library to take a look at 
10 favourite celebrity 

1 Demon Dentist – David Walliams

The children in David Walliam’s latest book find dead slugs, live spiders and other nasties under their pillows in exchange for their teeth. Find out who or what is behind these strange happenings.

2 He’s The One – Katie Price

Liberty Evans has it all: a beautiful daughter, a successful career and a marriage to one of Hollywood’s most successful directors, but happiness still eludes her. Still hung up on her first love, she leaves everything behind to go after him.

3 The Holiday Home – Fern Britton

Each year, the Carew sisters visit the family holiday home but when an old face appears on the scene, the sisters have to face up to a long hidden secret. Will the secret push them over the edge?

4 Some Day I’ll Find You – Richard Madeley

Diana Arnold falls in love with a fighter pilot only to have him shot down on the day of their wedding. Left alone and pregnant, she moves to the South of France where she marries and settles down. But who is blackmailing her?

5 Oh Dear Silvia – Dawn French

While Silvia Shute lies in a coma, her friends and family gathered at her bedside, the truth about Silvia starts to come out.

6 Bring Me Home – Alan 

Britain’s favourite gardener sets his latest novel of betrayal, mystery and romance in the highlands.

7 Briefs Encountered – 
Julian Clary

When the new owners move into a house in Kent they find that the previous owner, Noel Coward, 
hasn’t left the building. A dark ghost story about 
love, scandals and things that go bump in the 

8 It’s Up To You New York – Tess Daly

When Holly Collins is picked from obscurity to star in Street Scout, a hunt for fashion’s next big thing, she has to make the biggest decision of her life. Will 
the fairy tale become a reality?

9 The Bone Quill – John Barrowman with Carole E. Barrowman

Twins Matt and Emily Calder are doing everything they can to prevent a breach in Hollow Earth, a supernatural world that holds demons, devils and other creatures. But then Matt has to choose between saving the world or his 

10 Dead Famous – Ben Elton

One house, 10 contestants and a murder. How did someone manage to commit murder in a house with 40 microphones and 30 television cameras and who will be next?

lAll of these books are 
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