Still time to enter Northern Writers’ Award

As new year’s resolutions go, ‘I’m going to write a book’ is perennially popular.

This year, New Writing North is going to help some lucky authors keep that resolution. Since October writers from across the North of England have been sending in applications in the hope that their manuscript will be the one to bag a share of the £40,000 prize pot.

There’s still time for more though as the Northern Writers’ Award deadline isn’t until January 17.

And it doesn’t matter what you write. If you are a poet, a young person aged between 12-18, a woman over 43 writing her first book, or just in need of some time to prove you have the ‘write’ stuff, the www.northernwriters is open to you.

All you need is 3000-5000 words of a work in progress.

For new writers, winning a Northern Writers’ Award helps them to get noticed by agents and publishers and lifts them onto the first rung of the ladder towards publication.

For more established writers, awards can buy precious time to undertake a new project or to support work in progress that has not yet been commissioned. The support that winning writers receive includes cash awards alongside mentoring, editorial feedback, and support and help with professional development within the writing industry.

Winners will follow in the footsteps of novelist and poet Carolyn Jess-Cooke, who won both a Northern Promise Award in 2008 and a Poetry Award in 2013; Niel Bushnell, who met his agent through the awards and has gone on to publish the popular children’s Timesmith series; and Benjamin Myers, whose critically acclaimed novel Pig Iron won the 2013 inaugural Gordon Burn Prize.

Benjamin said: “To receive the validation, support and encouragement – not to mention financial assistance – offered by an increasingly widely recognised award such as this can feel like a major breakthrough.”

For how to apply, see