Rappers battle it out for the love of the sport


A “night like no other” in Lancaster will see rappers battle it out with explicit put downs and more than a touch of tongue in cheek humour.

Matt Sharpe, AKA Bowski, is hosting the night at The Lounge on Saturday night, May 17, bringing some of the UK’s most notorious rappers to the city.

Matt, 29, who is originally from Lancaster and attended Moorside Primary and Central Lancaster High School, started rapping aged 16, and now travels the country taking part in the rap battle league Don’t Flop.

He recently won the BBC 1 extra rap battle championship at Leeds Festival and lives in Manchester.

Rap battles were brought to the forefront in Eminem’s film 8 Mile, spawning a scene the world over, with events taking place across the UK.

Matt said: “It’s quite popular in a weird way. I get recognised a lot by people I don’t know.

“It’s something different, comedy entertainment, there’s nothing like it in Lancaster.

“I don’t want people to think it’s a bad vibe, we’re all friends and acquantancies, but we say some pretty harsh things to eachother.

“It’s all for the love of the sport though.

“We push the boundaries, and it’s things you couldn’t say in real life, so it’s a bit of escapism for people as well.

“I’ll be doing a battle with a gentleman from London called Hulk, but there will be others battling on the night too.”

Other rappers include Oshea and Micky Worthless, who both have well over five million views on Youtube and have received national 
coverage from NME, Nuts magazine and The Guardian Newspaper.

Rappers from Lancaster include Nero and Arkie.

Tickets are £9 on the door, and £8 in advance, by calling 07842 124791. Doors open from 8pm.