Poetry book gives us teenage kicks

Noel Vernon, author of Us Teens.
Noel Vernon, author of Us Teens.

Teenagers are a breed apart. I should know because I live with one.

They communicate in grunts and groans and are permanently attached to one electronic device or another.

So I was somewhat amused when Noel E Vernon from Heysham contacted me about his new book of poetry aimed at this rare breed.

“I’ve just released a book of poetry written especially for teenagers which I hope has a humorous overtone,” he wrote.

Humorous? Definitely.

Us Teens has been compiled after hundreds of disgruntled conversations and meetings with teenagers.

So, if you are a parent, a grandparent or even a teenager yourself then hopefully this book will give you an insight into the mind of that one section of society that brings fear and dread to most parents.

Us teens is Noel’s first solo adventure since he started writing seriously in 2000.

It is also the first in a series of books written for young adults. His second book in the series is due out in November.

Noel is married to Georgina and they have a son Jonathon, a daughter Niamh, and two Labrador dogs named Kapser and Fudge.

They have lived in Heysham for the last seven years. Noel also likes to watch Manchester City FC play whenever he gets the chance Noel is visiting schools to perform poetry from Us Teens. Contact noel@thetaleofus.co.uk to add your school to the list.

To buy copies of Us Teens go to www.thetaleofus.co.uk.