Now you can play for England in the World Cup

Howard R Crockett
Howard R Crockett
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With the World Cup kicking off, an author is offering football fans of all ages a chance to play in international games for England.

Writer and cartoonist, Howard R Crockett, is the author of the Football Fiction interactive fantasy series in which the reader acts as the star-striker in a fictional England team.

Essentially the reader is required to score goals in order to ‘win’ the story, yet depending on choices they make they can also lose or draw, get injured or substituted, or even sent off.

The series means that anyone who has dreamt of being England’s star player can now get a sense of what it really feels like.

Readers can take on the challenge of facing Germany, Brazil and Argentina on their Kindle, Nook or any other type of ebook reader.

Howard said: “Every football fan dreams of playing for England.

“I wanted to give them a chance to do so, and create a challenge for their imagination.

“It doesn’t matter about age or abilities; everybody can now put on the number ten shirt and give it their best shot.”

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