New book of Lancashire Folk Tales

Lancashire Folk Tales
Lancashire Folk Tales

There’s nowt so queer as folk goes the saying – and for a new book of folk tales this couldn’t ring truer.

From the Great Treacle Eating Boggarts at Sabden to the famous Pendle Witches at Malkin Tower, Lancashire Folk Tales is a vibrant collection of local stories.

Lancashire’s own David England and Jennie Bailey vividly retell 30 tales handed down through generations of storytellers, reflecting the wisdom of the county and its people.

The book, illustrated by a local artist, comprises the only contemporary volume of local folk tales in print.

It is full of intriguing and quirky tales like the one about the Oldham woman who stands under a clock ‘because her time ran out’.

Professional storyteller David was born, raised and educated in Lancashire.

He became interested in storytelling while studying psychotherapy and wrote his MA thesis, ‘Telling Tales’, on the relevance of traditional storytelling to psychotherapy.

Today David works as a professional storyteller and has written some articles for the Society of Storytelling magazine.