Nether Kellet author’s flight of Fancy

Let a Nether Kellet author take you on a flight of Fancy with 13 of his quirky stories.

Harry Fancy dedicates his book of tortuous tales of science fiction, horror, bizarre events and just plain weirdness to “harmless eccentrics everywhere”.

Harry said: “You will encounter a magician whose finale is murder, shared nightmares, a magic carpet that lives up to its name, a recipe for a Martian non-vegetarian main course and a cook who purloins the body of a stranger.”

If it’s weirdness you want, look no further!

Harry who lives in Nether Kellet with his wife, Margaret, began his working life as a gardener.

This was soon followed by a two-year stint of National Service in the Royal Tank Regiment at Catterick Camp.

He returned to gardening but a change of career beckoned and Harry became general assistant to a Stockport museum curator.

He was later appointed curator of the museum followed by 21 years at the museum in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

Throughout his career, Harry was a compulsive writer producing scores of information sheets and booklets.

Three of his more substantial works enjoyed success in the annual Lakeland Book of the Year competition.

For his own amusement, he wrote and continues to write short fictional stories – from which the 13 tales in his book were selected.

*Flights of Fancy is publis-hed by Spritsail Press,