Morecambe Library’s top 10 crime books

Never Go Back by Lee Child
Never Go Back by Lee Child

This week’s Morecambe Library top 10 focuses on one of the most popular book genres – fiction, crime and thrillers.

1 Never Go Back – Lee Child

With Jack Reacher accused of a 16-year-old murder, will he be sorry he went back to his old army unit?

2 Harbour Street – Ann Cleeves

In book six in the popular Vera series, Margaret Krukowsi has been stabbed on a busy train. When another woman is murdered days later, Vera knows she has to learn more about the first victim to stop the killings.

3 A song for the dying – Stuart MacBride

Eight years ago, a killer called The Inside Man murdered four women and left three more in a critical condition, and then he disappeared. When a body turn s up with similar wounds, will Ash Henderson finally be able to close the case?

4 Broken Angels – Graham Masterton

When two priests are found murdered in the same way, a sinister cover-up is found at St Joseph’s Orphanage and Katie Maguire has to race to catch the killer.

5 Payback – Kimberley Chambers

This is the sequel to The Trap. If you like Martina Cole then try this.

6 Children Of The Revolution: A DCI Banks Novel – Peter Robinson

College lecturer Gavin Miller is found dead with no sign of a struggle or any evidence of wrongdoing. DCI Banks has to delve into his past to find out what happened and explain the £5,000 in the man’s pocket.

7 Stay Alive – Simon Kernick

While on a trip, a family hears gunshot and before they know it they are helping a woman on the run. A one sitting read.

8 Respect – Mandasue Heller

Chantelle has everything going for her until her mother dumps her tearaway nine-year-old brother on her. With debt collectors banging on her door she gets a part-time job but violence is just around the corner.

9 Behind Closed Doors – Kerry Wilkinson

Will Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel find out why people are turning up dead in a stately home in the middle of nowhere?

10 The Outcast Dead – Elly Griffiths

Ruth Galloway excavates a body that she believes is a victim of a Victorian murderess while DCI Harry Nelson is immersed in the death of three infants.

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