Mad about the joy of Bridget Jones

Rene Zelwegger as Bridget Jones
Rene Zelwegger as Bridget Jones

During a girls’ weekend away, a dear friend of mine laughed out loud at a line in a book she was reading.

“It’s the new Bridget Jones novel,” she said.

Like so many, I’m a massive fan of the two Bridget films – but I’d never got round to reading the Helen Fielding books that inspired them.

Note to self: Resolve to download Bridget Jones books on Kindle for my next holiday and partake of them in the sun.

Now back from a family holiday in Spain, I can honestly say my vacation was enriched by dear old Bridget.

The diaries are incredibly funny and on many occasions, I found myself laughing out loud, just like my friend.

The appeal of bungling Bridget is that she encapsulates something of all of us. She’s a whole human being, warts and all, and you just can’t help but love her for that.

But I do have to admit one small regret – that I didn’t read the books before seeing the movies.

Renee Zelwegger’s immaculate portrayal of the hapless Bridget oozed out of every line.

There wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of me picturing my own version of the 30-something singleton and her co-stars.

I fear the actors did such a splendid job that there was little left to the imagination.

But there is one saving grace. Having read the first two books, I’ll get to enjoy the third before the film is out!