Little Book of Lancashire is large on facts

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Did you know that in Stacksteads, a village near Bacup, there’s an annual event which has to rank among the wackiest in the country’s sporting calendar – the Gravy Wrestling Competition?

Or that in Wigan, Eccles cakes used to be called ‘slow walking cakes’ because they were offered to mourners at funerals?

Then there’s the fact that St Walburge’s Church in Preston was named after the Patron Saint of people suffering from rabies?

These quirky facts and many more besides are packed inside Alexander Tulloch’s The Little Book of Lancashire, published this month. If you’re looking for a book which is both fun and informative then give this a try.

It takes an unconventional look at the people, places, traditions, events and history of the county.

If you want to sit down and read it from cover to cover you will be fascinated by some of the things you didn’t know about this part of England.

On the other hand, if you just want something to dip into on the train or bus or to read for five minutes in bed before you fall asleep, this book will also do the job.

Some of the facts would make for great quiz questions too, like the RNLI basing its first rescue hovercraft in Morecambe in 2002 or the village of Caton being twinned with Socx in France?

The Little Book of Lancashire is published by The History Press, hardback, £9.99.