Lancaster author gets to grips with age-old question

GOD Real or imagined? by Chris Park
GOD Real or imagined? by Chris Park

Does God actually exist or is God simply an idea made up – imagined – by humans?

The question that has puzzled and challenged society for decades is tackled by Lancaster’s Chris Park in GOD Real or imagined?

Written from a Christian perspective, Chris’ book invites believers and non-believers to engage intelligently with the God question. His book doesn’t seek to persuade people but to provide a forum for thoughtful, sensitive debate.

Chris explains the importance of world views which shape how we view the world around us.

He summarises the different ways in which religions treat the idea of God and outlines the so-called arguments for God.

Former academic Chris also explores why Richard Dawkins and the New Atheists insist that God is simply an invention.

And he debunks some popular ideas including that modern science has made the idea of God redundant and religious faith is irrational.

Chris has written numerous books, some academic, on both environmental and Christian topics.

A Professor Emeritus at Lancaster University where he was Director of the Graduate School from 2001-9, he took early retirement late in 2009 to give time to writing and travelling – his two great passions after family.

GOD Real or imagined is published by Zaccmedia, £12.99.