Galgate mum’s book inspired by daughter

Jane Binnion who has written a children's book about dyspraxia
Jane Binnion who has written a children's book about dyspraxia

A Galgate woman has written a rare children’s book tackling dyspraxia.

Business trainer Jane Binnion – dyspraxic herself – set about writing the book after being unable to find anything in the library or on Amazon when her daughter was diagnosed.

Jane said: “There are quite a few books for teachers and parents, but all see dyspraxia as a problem.

“Children with dyspraxia are so misunderstood and are frequently criticised for being lazy or careless because of their inability to manage some tasks that most people consider simple.

“This obviously has a seriously detrimental effect on a child’s self esteem.

“I wrote the book largely based on my daughter’s experiences but also the many questions I see posted on dyspraxia support pages, with the aim of getting children and their carers to celebrate what they are good at, rather than so much emphasis on what they can’t do.”

‘You’re So Clumsy Charlie’ tells the story of a boy who always seemed to get into trouble without meaning to.

Charley was getting fed up of going to school because he felt different from most of the other kids. Then he met his Aunty Bella and everything changed.

Dyspraxia is a neurological condition affecting 1 in 10 people which used to be known as Clumsy Child Syndrome.

Illustrated by Colin Shelbourn, the book is suitable for key stage 2 for independent readers.

It is available on Amazon and from bookshops later this month.