Faerie story lights up Dukes exhibition

Faerie Tail
Faerie Tail

A faerie with attitude is captured on camera at The Dukes gallery in Lancaster this autumn.

The Furious Faerie is an exhibition of photographs by Adrian Jones who divides his time between Lancaster and London.

The exhibition is a collection of moments from a three-year journey with a ‘faerie’ found lost in a French garden.

“The Faerie is a reference to the subject’s photography nickname Pixie, which is somewhat of an in-joke amongst photography friends and contacts,” Adrian explained. “I changed Pixie to Faerie and added Furious because it seemed to capture her inner emotions regarding her interaction with the world outside of art.

The work itself is something of an emotional log, an exploration of one person’s character and how they both portray themselves and are portrayed or perceived by others. In the end, we never really know who she is, she remains a mystery.”

As well as being a photographer, Adrian is also a composer, experimental film-maker and audio producer. Earlier this year he set up his own production company,Vexations.

The Furious Faerie runs until October 13. The Dukes gallery is open from 10am to 11pm, Monday to Saturday. Please call the box office on 01524 598500 to check opening times if you’re making a special journey as occasionally the space is closed to the public.