Ex-Lancaster teacher’s Perfect retirement

Anne Randell, author of 'Next Time It Will Be Perfect'
Anne Randell, author of 'Next Time It Will Be Perfect'

A former teacher has discovered a novel way to spend her retirement.

Ex-deputy head at Scotforth School, Lancaster, Anne Randell has been beavering away writing her first book.

Anne from Lancaster first dabbled in writing during her 30 years teaching at the city school.

She said: “I always wrote plays and poems for the children at the school and when I retired I took a couple of creative writing courses with the Open University.”

The novel began as a short story which Anne wrote in her spare time.

She said: “The novel took me a few years to complete as I just did a little bit here and there.”

A Preston North End fan, hellbent on committing the perfect murder, is the leading character of the book.

‘Next Time It Will Be Perfect’ draws upon some of Anne’s favourite haunts for locations.

She said: “The story is mainly set in Preston with the main character, Benjamin Doyle, working as a legal adviser in the Magistrates’ Courthouse – when he is not 
committing murders.” 
Listening to the evidence being presented for his latest murder, Benjamin has time to write about and reflect upon his life as a serial killer and the progress of the trial is told through a series of newspaper articles, judge’s notes and witness testimonies.

And, as a Preston North End fan, Benjamin even sets upon taking revenge on a referee who made a fatal decision.

“I’ve always lived in the North West so I decided to set the novel in the places that I knew including Preston,” said Anne.

Since retiring Anne has continued to volunteer at Scotforth School working with writing and reading groups.

And she credits her husband, Peter – also a former teacher – for helping to get her book published.

She said: “He’s my proof-reader, I don’t think I’d have got very far without his editing and encouragement.”

‘Next Time It Will Be Perfect’ is available via online retailer, Amazon.