Clapham’s answer to Stieg Larsson

Stephen Williams, author of thriller book, Tuesday Falling.
Stephen Williams, author of thriller book, Tuesday Falling.
  • Streets beneath capital inspire novel
  • Book compared to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  • Author is ghost evenings performer

A Clapham writer is going underground for his debut novel.

Stephen Williams first got the idea for his book, Tuesday Falling, while working under Oxford Street in London.

... beyond anything I had hoped for when I first started writing Tuesday

The ghost evenings performer was working for one of the big department stores, warehousing their surplus stock in tunnels that wound under the streets.

Stephen, 50, said: “It’s amazing what is under the streets of London.

“It’s a whole other city of ghost tube stations, Victorian sewers and old tunnels.”

This is the world in which Stephen’s main character, Tuesday, lives – beneath the streets of the capital in the hidden network of forgotten tunnels that honeycomb the city.

Tuesday has suffered extreme cruelty at the hands of men and so has taken it upon herself to seek vengeance.

She wants to protect and help others like her and the tunnels are her preferred hunting ground.

Stephen is thrilled to see his book, described as perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Silent Scream by Angela Marsons, published.

“It feels great,” he said.

“First when I met with my now agent, Ann-Marie from Ampersand and they offered to take me on as a client, I practically fell over.

“Then when I got the contract through fromHarper Collins, I may have sworn slightly out of excitement.

“To actually get an agent is so hard, then to get a publisher interested was beyond anything I had hoped for when I first started writing Tuesday.”

Appreciation of Stephen’s work has also come from other quarters.

Crime and thriller website, Killer Reads, described it as “explosive, thrilling, provocative, and hugely compelling.”

Their editor said: “We are so proud to be showcasing this incredible new talent on our Killer Reads list – and I defy you not to be gripped by this crazy adrenaline ride of a novel!”

This may be Stephen’s first novel but he is no newcomer to writing – including lyrics for an international rock act.

The father-of-four said: “I have always written, whether poetry to woo my love, or stories to entertain my children.”

Stephen’s poetry work has been published in 
London Magazine, Brittle Star,

He also writes and performs bespoke ghost evenings in historic buildings, the last one in an old vicarage.

Stephen’s next writing project is a young adult fiction novel called Stitches involving girls, knives, a hood and an urban abandonment called Dead-town.

Tuesday Falling by S. Williams is published by Harper Collins in ebook or paperback, website