Clapham author pens war drama

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One of Britain’s wartime secrets is finally uncovered in a Clapham author’s new book.

Set in the North West in World War Two, Jacob’s War follows the adventures of an American family who get caught up in alien internment when they move to the UK.

Children’s author Robert Bullock says: “I was inspired to write Jacob’s War after watching the BBC news one evening.

“An elderly gent was talking about what happened to him in 1940, how he and his family were arrested and interned on the Isle of Man just because his grandparents were German. I knew internment happened in World War I and in the USA in World War II but not in Britain, and that started my adventure to seek out accounts from real-life internees.”

Based on true stories and personal accounts – with research supported by Arts Council England – the book tells the story of top US scientist Carl Becker and his family whose lives change forever when he moves them to Britain in May 1940 to work on a new RADAR system. While Carl is visiting the Ministry of War, police call at his mother’s house to arrest her, his wife, his 10-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son, Jacob. They are sent to camps on the Isle of Man – all because Carl’s mum was born in Germany.

As Carl struggles to find them, Jacob is split from the family and transported to a brutal men’s internment camp on the island, where his own personal war begins.

Jacob’s War – ISBN EAN 1622125827 / 9781622125821 –is aimed at older children and teenagers.