Book signing in Lancaster

Katharine Ann Angel
Katharine Ann Angel
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Local author Katharine Ann Angel will be signing copies of her new book in Lancaster at the weekend.

The Froggitt Chain tells the story of a man who throws his past away in a bag and another man who finds it and decides to return it.

In so doing, he draws people from the past and future together.

The novel, which begins under Skerton Bridge 
in Lancaster and also features the castle and the Lune, is essentially a story of ordinary people who long to belong.

The underlying themes of the book are modern day loneliness, broken family ties from a grandparent point of view, and people who carry stress throughout life without properly dealing with it.

The chain represents the brokenness of the Froggitt family.

Despite the heavy sounding themes, there is a lot 
of humour and a good chase in the last third of the story.

Born in Kent, Katherine 
is an experienced teacher and foster carer.

She taught with the National Teaching and Advisory Service specialising in inclusion for pupils who had been permanently excluded from education. These teenagers inspired her first book, Being Forgotten – eight short stories favourably reviewed in the Times Educational Supplement.

The Froggitt Chain is her first novel.

Katherine will be at Waterstones in King Street on Saturday December 21, 2-4pm.