Book Club: Top 10 music books

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This week’s chart comes from Graham Jones, author of ‘Last Shop Standing’.

Graham kindly supplied the chart during a visit to Waterstones in King Street, Lancaster, where he was promoting his latest book ‘Strange Requests and Comic Tales from Record Shops’.

1 Adventures of a Waterboy – Mike Scott

Some great tales from one of rock’s great mavericks.

2 Reelin’ in the Years: The Soundtrack of a Northern Life – Mark Radcliffe

I love his books, even funnier than on the radio. It was a tough choice to pick my favourite .

3 Merseybeast – Ian 

Tales of excess from one of the most under-rated musicians the UK has produced.

4 Record Store Days: From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again – Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo

Any book about record shops I always purchase. This is one of the better titles.

5 How Soon is Now? – 
Richard King

A must for anybody interested in independent record labels .

6 Cider with Roadies –Stuart Maconie

A Northern lad myself, Stuart has the ability to remind you of times and places you’d forgotten . His books are great for dipping in and out of .

7 Shelter from the Storm – Sid Griffin

Any fan of Bob Dylan should check out his 

8 Liverpool – Wondrous Place: From the Cavern to the Capital of Culture – Paul du Noyer

Music-related tales from the city of my birth.

9 Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic – John French

A surprising account of how cruel Captain Beefheart could be to his band.

10 T. Rextasy – The Spirit of Marc Bolan – Danielz

A great book about life in a tribute band.