Book Club: Ellel author’s case of puppy love

Gerry Cotter with his dog Flossie and the book he has written.
Gerry Cotter with his dog Flossie and the book he has written.

They say man’s best friend is his dog and an Ellel author couldn’t agree more.

Gerry Cotter has written a children’s book as a tribute to his much-loved West Highland White Terrier, Flossie.

‘Flossie’s Carbon Pawprint’ tells the story of a West Highland White who, together with her doggie friends, longs to fly like the birds.

Gerry, 67, decided to write the book because of his own very special 10-year relationship with Flossie.

“I just wanted there to be something about Flossie,” he said.

“I’d never had a dog before and she just touched me in a way that I didn’t know was there. I’m besotted with her.”

But Flossie, now aged 13, wasn’t always Gerry’s dog. Her first owner died and before she passed away, she asked a friend of Gerry’s to look after her.

Mollie – who features as Margaret in the book – took Flossie into her home.

Gerry started taking Flossie out for walks and then having her to stay for a night.

“One night became two and then in the end Mollie said why don’t you take her,” said Gerry, who is originally from London.

He first came to Lancaster in 1977 as a mature student at the university and never left because he loved the city almost as much as he loves Flossie.

Gerry, who used to be a banker in London, worked in the Department of Continuing Education at Lancaster University until he took early retirement in 2004.

He’s written four books about cricket and two on natural history but this is his first children’s book.

Copies of ‘Flossie’s Carbon Pawprint’ at £7 plus £1 postage can be obtained from Gerry on 01524 752968, email or send a cheque for £8 made payable to Gerry Cotter to Whitecroft, Ellel, Lancaster LA2 OQB.