Bewitching book for Halloween

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An unusual witch book for Halloween is the highly praised Gianna Hartwright title, The Befana Drama, which sprinkles witch-dust of the most wondrous kind throughout its global adventure by broomstick.

The Befana – Italy’s traditional present bringer – has to take to her broom and get it tuber-charged with potatoes when she hears her Very Important Present Bringing patch is about to be taken over by Santa.

Once she’s enlisted the help of the descendants of The Three Kings, now a boy band in Dubai, she heads off to become rejuvenated and transformed into a much younger and cooler witch called ‘Bef’, with the 
assistance of Old Father Time.

Children are treated to wonky spells and unusual witch techniques, as ‘Bef’ hasn’t needed most of the spells in her ‘Grandissimo Libro di Scongiuri’ for many a year.

This magical book (ISBN 9780957569768) costs £8.99 in paperback and is also available as an e-book, priced £6.99.