The Lovely Eggs reveal their favourite places in Lancaster on BBC Radio 6 Music

Lancaster duo The Lovely Eggs presented a pre-Christmas guide to the city on BBC Radio 6 Music this week.

By Nick Lakin
Monday, 23rd December 2019, 12:34 pm
The Lovely Eggs waiting for a party in Lancaster. Photo by Darren Andrews.
The Lovely Eggs waiting for a party in Lancaster. Photo by Darren Andrews.

Holly and David’s Hometown Glory was broadcast on Chris Hawkins’ early morning show on Monday December 23.

Holly described Lancaster as “the Twin Peaks of the north”, referencing the 80s TV series, “where the pigeons are not what they seem”.

Lancaster Castle was described as “old” by guitarist David, while the Ashton Memorial was “where the families go on Sunday to walk their dogs and walk their children”.

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Describing “the world of egg”, the couple talked about Lancaster Music Co-Op, where they have recorded their last five albums.

They also said that Lancaster “punches above its weight” and has quite a lot of bands for the size of the town, and name-checked Mr Ben and The Bens and Dog Daises, who have, or will be, touring with The Lovely Eggs.

People watching by the fountain (which is no longer there) in Market Square is a recommended passtime for visitors, where you can “sit there, eat your pasty and watch the world go by”.

The Yorkshire House, The Golden Lion, The Three Mariners and John O’ Gaunt pubs all get a mention, while the couple praise “great new venue” Kanteena, which they describe as “like a mini festival in a warehouse”.

The Lovely Eggs

When it comes to food, Pizza Margherita, Go Burrito!, Hodgsons Chippy and Quays Fish and Chips, “because it serves booze” were all favourites of The Lovely Eggs.

Finally, the couple describe getting a four pack of Strongbow and walking up to the student areas of the city “like Moorlands”, looking for a party.

“We’d look for a dirty windowsill with some scratty net curtains and a spider plant and we’d be like ‘that’s studentsville, there’s a party going on there’, knock on the door and say ‘is John there?’, and you walk in and there’s your party, and that’s what our song Goofin’ Around in Lancashire took inspiration from.”

Tickets are now on sale for A Break in the Clouds with headliners The Lovely Eggs.
Headliners The Lovely Eggs.