Step into weird at Morecambe Variety Festival

Expect the weird, wonderful and flamboyant when the Morecambe Variety Festival returns at the end of the month.

Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 5:00 pm

Audiences can see more than 20 imaginary worlds ranging from circus acts, puppetry, burlesque, film installations and a mermaid. Organiser Neil Kendall is known for his extravagant styles and this will be his third variety festival in the town.

The festival, taking place on Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1, will be held at the Morecambe Winter Gardens and is sure to be a treat for those who like something a bit strange, including the Ugly Bug Ball.

The grand opening will begin at 11am with Diablo’s Sideshow, be amazed by the bed of nails and meet Serpentina the snake girl. Also on Saturday will be the World Famous Insect Circus Museum, the Morecambe Mermaid, Metropolis, Johnny Woodhams and Lost Morecambe, plus many more.

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Organiser Neil Kendall said: “This year people will experience a lot of wonderful things, it is very family orientated. What’s new and different this year is the digital installations we have going on in the Royal Box. You can experience a tiny show and peer into a tiny Winter Gardens. Also this year there is a lot of involvement with the local community, we are working with some great artists like Shane Johnstone and Anna Held, who is holding a dot to dot exhibition with local children.”

The Séance will also take place at 11.30am-2.20pm and 4.20pm, join Madame Olivetti for the horror event. On Sunday May 1 Macbeth, The Theatre Book will be making a welcome return. The Theatre Book is a digital story based upon Shakespears’ Macbeth.

The Ugly Bug Ball will include acts you won’t see in the day time. Tickets from or 13 The Warehouse on Queen Street or email [email protected] to reserve daytime shows. A box office will be at the festival.