Rock the Kasbah: Feel-good comedy

Inspired by the heartwarming documentary Afghan Star, Rock The Kasbah is a feel-good comedy musical directed by Barry Levinson, which explores fame and celebrity through the eyes of a world-weary manager and his bright-eyed young protege.

Sunday, 20th March 2016, 8:00 pm
Kate Hudson

Richie Lanz (Bill Murray) is a dinosaur in the music industry, whose best days are far behind him.

During a tour of Afghanistan with his only client, Richie's services are terminated and he sinks into a mire of self-loathing.

On the streets of Kabul, without a penny to his name, Richie stumbles upon an Afghan girl called Salima (Leem Lubany), who possesses a remarkable voice and a burning desire to compete on the televised singing contest Afghan Star.

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Richie senses an opportunity for redemption and he joins forces with a working girl called Merci (Kate Hudson) to propel his new discovery into the spotlight.

In the process, Richie and Salima help each other to heal emotional wounds of the past.