Morecambe’s got plenty of Pride

The first ever Morecambe Pride was a ‘massively brilliant event’ which Morecambe needed, according to organisers.

Despite the cloudy weather, 600 to 700 people took part in a parade on the promenade and well over 2,000 people attended the event itself.

CEO of Out in the Bay, Robert Mee, said: “I thought it went brilliantly.

“For the first Pride event in Morecambe we excelled.

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“We thought we’d be lucky to get 100 people with the weather but it just excelled.

“A lot of people stayed for the day, not just the parade and Sam Bailey and other acts such as Ross Alexander, Danny Beard, Smashby and The Rhetorics, went down a storm.

“There were a lot of younger people there and it just shows that maybe in society a lot of younger people are LGBT or supporting of it.

“There was a little kid with rainbow wellies and a top and that says it all, it’s about normalising a set of people.

Morecambe Pride parade. 5 year old Arlo Hayes-Cocker.Morecambe Pride parade. 5 year old Arlo Hayes-Cocker.
Morecambe Pride parade. 5 year old Arlo Hayes-Cocker.

“Pride has done what it set out to do.

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“We have the first openly gay mayor and it’s taken a long time to get off its feet but it has.

“It was a really uphill struggle to get sponsorship for Pride and the people who supported Lancaster Pride put money towards Morecambe Pride, or else there’s no way we could have done it.

“The team of people in Out in the Bay and Morecambe and Lancaster Pride all strived hard to achieve it and we knew Morecambe needed it.

“It was about changing Morecambe for the better and we made a good start.

“Let’s talk about diversity and inclusion.

“For Morecambe this has been a brilliant thing.”

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