Mental wellness and lifestyle podcast 2021: The Reset Room launches with a look at ‘life after lockdown’

Amana Walker and Kay WoodburnAmana Walker and Kay Woodburn
Amana Walker and Kay Woodburn

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The Reset Room, a brand new lifestyle and mental wellness podcast, is available to listen to right now.

Join host Kelly Crichton with personal development and lifestyle coaches Amana Walker and Kay Woodburn of Gritty People. Their aim is to equip you with the tools you need to succeed and to answer your questions on your journey to fulfillment.

Each week The Reset Room will cover specific topics relating to life, performance and pressure.

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In episode one (out on all podcast platforms now) the team looks at ‘Life after Lockdown’, and how it feels to be reemerging into both the workplace and society; which they find is proving daunting for some.

The Reset Room launches podcast with a look at ‘life after lockdown’The Reset Room launches podcast with a look at ‘life after lockdown’
The Reset Room launches podcast with a look at ‘life after lockdown’

Kay and Amana talk us through how we can approach dealing with this ‘new normal’ and how we can address any anxiety or concerns we have with this readjustment.

Both resident experts have years of experience in helping people in all walks of life achieve and perform to the best of their potential.

Kay Woodburn is a Lancashire native and founder of Gritty People - a people development consultancy specialising in behavioural change, in all aspects of life, from global business to elite sport.

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Kay said: “Over these last eighteen months, the norm isn’t to be out and about socialising or to be overly busy… As we go forward we’re emerging as different people and we’re having to remind ourselves of the habits we once had, things like getting dressed, the traffic, how do I interact with people?

“It’s not what we’re now used to doing. We need to get back into some of those habits whilst embracing new habits too.”

Amana Walker, who is based in East Yorks, has 25 years of coaching experience and has seen it all when it comes to personal growth, challenges and helping people perform under the pressures of life.

When asked on this episode what someone who is struggling with getting back out there should do, Amana said: “Fear of the thing is always worse than the thing itself. Managing what’s going on in your head is key before you do anything else.

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“We are our own worst critics and judge ourselves harder than others. You’ve got to start with how are you talking to yourself? How are you treating yourself? Are you giving yourself the confidence and self-belief to get back out there?”

The advice from both Kay and Amana will be just what some listeners are needing to hear, that they’re not alone and there are ways they can improve their situation if they’re struggling with the return to ‘normality’.

Watch out for upcoming episodes which will be published weekly and will cover themes such as ‘Fear as part of performance’ and ‘Time for change - assessing your situation and happiness’. If you are struggling with any area of life, work or performance you can send an email to [email protected] with your questions for a chance to receive some expert advice.

You can subscribe to The Reset Room via Spotify, Apple and on all other podcast platforms now.