Lancaster exhibition raises awareness of child abuse

Inspire Gifts and Gallery in Lancaster is hosting “Making the Invisible, Visible - A Photographic Exhibition.”

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 11:57 am
Wayne Pillsworth and Daniel Wolstencroft both from Shatterboys pictured with Graham Armstrong of Inspire Gifts and Gallery on the right.

This is a two-day exhibition featuring a collection of photographs from the online Invisible Boy and Girl campaign.

The exhibition is designed to raise discussion and awareness around child sexual abuse.

Daniel Wolstencroft, organiser of the event said: “Its common for may survivors to be asked why did they let it happen?

“The problem is those around them see the person they are today, be that a big strong bloke or a capable, confident woman. “What people forget is that when the abuse happened they were children.”

The exhibition aims to put this into perspective by showing a “then and now” photo, which helps to make the invisible child, hidden within the mature adult survivor visible.

It is a very simple and yet powerful way to help add content to a survivors story as well as helping those affected to heal and recover. Owner of Inspire Gifts, Graham Armstrong Jones said: “This is an amazing initiative which conveys so much from just two simple photographs side by side.

“Danny and the Shatterboys team have created something very raw and very honest and it is a privilege to be able to use the gallery to give back to the community.”

Henri Matisse said that “creativity takes courage” and this exhibition certainly shows this to be very true. Why not come along and see this powerful new exhibition see for yourself?

The exhibition will run from 3pm on Friday May 10 to 5pm on Saturday May 11 in the first floor at Inspire Gifts and Gallery on New Street, Lancaster.