Explore grief through art installation in Lancaster

Between May 16-18 artist Fabiola Santana is inviting people across the district to share and contribute to a tender conversation on how we say goodbye in her first solo piece ‘A Home for Grief.’

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 9th May 2019, 12:01 pm
A Home For Grief. Picture by Fabiola Santana.
A Home For Grief. Picture by Fabiola Santana.

‘A Home for Grief’ is an experience for one person at a time that begins with a sound walk through the streets of Lancaster.

On your journey you will listen on headphones to the voices of local people from different backgrounds, sharing how they take care of their dead and themselves.

The trail will lead you to a home.

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In this private space you will be guided through an intimate experience exploring care, memory, ritual and grief.

Entering alone, your presence will contribute to a tender conversation on how we say goodbye.

This performance is the first step to creating a communal action that serves people of different backgrounds, searching for ways to share grief across boundaries and histories.

Fabiola welcomes anyone who wishes to attend with compassion and a loving heart.

‘A Home for Grief’ is a subtle rebellion, with the hope of affecting change in the ways we relate to each other and giving weight to the knowledge that we all share an ultimate journey… from birth to death.

“A Home For Grief’ has been developed through a Diverse Actions Commission, a three-year initiative from Live Art UK, which champions culturally diverse ambition, excellence and talent.

Fabiola says: “For the last six months I have been connecting with Lancaster and its communities, I feel deeply touched by the openness that I have encountered, and the tender way people have shared their personal stories with me.”

Alice Booth, creative producer said: “Grief and death affect us all, yet in the UK we tend to alienate the bereaved, treating grief as a private affair, or we are even embarrassed by it.

“I’m drawn to the gentle and warm ways that Fabiola has embraced and ritualised grief through a deep connection to Lancaster and its people.”

Limited tickets are available for the performances on Thursday May 16 and Friday May 17 from lancasterarts.org and cost £8-£6. On Saturday May 18 Fabiola will create an installation from her encounters. Saturday’s installation runs from 1pm-4pm and entry will be free.

Further details on the performances and subsequent installation can be found at www.lancasterarts.org.

Fabiola’s blog on her Lancaster residency can be found at : https://www.lancasterarts.org/comment/grief-women-wisdom-lancaster

For more information on Fabiola’s commission with Lancaster Arts visit: