Coronavirus: Morecambe Music Festival Live Lounge launches on Facebook streaming live acts during coronavirus pandemic

Morecambe Music Festival founder Stuart Michaels has taken entertainment to a new level by launching the Morecambe Music Festival Live lounge on Facebook which will be streaming acts direct into your living room during the coronavirus pandemic.

From 6pm tonight, (Friday), anyone can enjoy different bands, solo singers and DJs performing without even leaving the house.

Stuart said: “The first idea came to me because a lot of friends in Tenerife were doing Facebook Live videos singing whilst in lockdown.

“The Morecambe Music Festival Live Lounge hasn’t gone live yet but the first act (which is me) will be on at 6pm tonight, followed by another act at 7pm and another act at 8pm.

Festival organiser Stuart Michaels was delighted with how the event turned out. Photo by Mike Jackson.

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    “Up to now I’ve had 3,200 members join which is amazing and I’d like to get up to 20,000 people joining.

    “I’m going to be doing this three times a day, seven days a week until the virus goes.

    “If you just go onto the Facebook page Morecambe Music Festival Live lounge, click to join and I can accept the request from my end.

    “People can sit at home and watch some different entertainment.

    Morecambe Music Festival Live Lounge.

    “I’ve got someone performing during the week from Nashville and there will be singers from the local area, and DJs taking requests.

    “The more this goes on I can imagine my inbox getting fuller and fuller with singers.

    “It is nerve wracking with the audience but people want to perform on it.

    “I’ve made sure I’ve got a mix of original singers doing their own songs, and i can take requests as I’m singing, there will be local DJs such as Matt Thiss, Steve Middlesbrough and Mike Jackson to take requests.

    Morecambe Music Festival Live Lounge.

    “Morecambe Music Festival was going to take place in July but I’ve no idea if it will go ahead.

    “I’ve got a back up plan to delay until August or September.

    “I’m not working or singing and entertainment is something I love. Not being able to do my own job I’m getting more and more bored and so rather than sit and fester and do nothing, I might as well organise some entertainment and do it properly and professionally and go all out for it.

    “I’ve seen people do it individually and its alright but there is no schedule or timetable so I thought why not do it bigger and better?

    Morecambe Music Festival Live Lounge line-up.

    “It wouldn’t surprise me if it ends up four acts a night, which would be 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

    “It’s all being done professionally. I’d just like to thank CS Design and Print for doing all my posters for the Live Lounge for free.

    “It’s been difficult to get the first set of singers and performers as it’s an untested thing and also some are a little shy at singing via a live stream.

    “So please be kind to all acts and support them by being friendly and supportive.”

    Search Facebook for Morecambe Music Festival Live Lounge, click on join and sit back and enjoy the entertainment starting from 6pm.