Young Samuel signs for Blackburn Rovers

Samuel Hayward has signed for Blackburn Rovers.
Samuel Hayward has signed for Blackburn Rovers.

Summer is a time for football fans to dream about their clubs making big moves in the transfer market.

And one district youngster has made an important switch himself after signing for Blackburn Rovers.

Eight-year-old Samuel Hayward has been snapped up on a two-year deal by the Championship side and will play for their under nine team from September.

The Torrisholme Primary School pupil has been training with Rovers and even went on a weekend trip to Barcelona with the East Lancashire club taking on the famous Spanish side’s academy.

Mum Tracey, of Bare Lane, said: “You get people who pooh pooh the idea of them starting so young.

“There are kids playing for the bigger clubs when they’re four and if they don’t start early they’re not going to get anywhere.

“Samuel might not get anywhere but we’ve got to give him a chance.

“He loves his football and we’ll support him as much as we can for as long as he’s enjoying it.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Samuel, who plays for Vipers in Manchester on Saturday mornings, is also supported by dad Gavin and grandad Terry Young.