Walsh’s fury as title clash ends in controversy

Shay Walsh. Picture: BAMMA/Ginger Beard Photography 2017
Shay Walsh. Picture: BAMMA/Ginger Beard Photography 2017

Shay Walsh is facing up to another long spell out of action after his big title chance ended in a broken jaw.

Lancaster’s mixed martial arts star saw his clash with Alan Philpott for BAMMA’s Bantamweight belt end in controversy in Dublin on Friday night.

The Northern Irishman started quickly in the headline fight live on Dave with Walsh, looking to regain his title, firmly on the back foot.

But a little more than two and half minutes into the contest, with the Lancaster and Morecambe MMA man down, Philpott caught Walsh with an illegal kick to the face.

After a quick consultation with the doctor Walsh was deemed unable to continue with the fight for the vacant title ruled a no contest.

Since the unsatisfactory conclusion the 29-year-old has watched the fall out unfold on social media and is unimpressed by Philpott’s claims he played up to his injury.

“He started well in the fight but that was what we expected,” said Walsh.

“He had me down but I was feeling fine.

“It was just getting to the three minute mark and I was confident I was going to take over.

“The more I watch that kick the worse it looks. The way he seems to take my foot away and then line me up.

“For him to come out and say what he did, that I was looking for a way out and the injury was caused by one of the other strikes, makes my blood boil to be honest.”

For both men victory would have opened up some big opportunities.

“It messed things up for us both big time really,” said Walsh.

“There’s no excuse for what he did, it’s inexcusable at this level.

“The sport still has issues with people who think it is just violence.

“If he’d done that on the street he’d have been going to jail.”

It is the second time in his career Walsh has broken his jaw and despite his obvious fury at the events of Friday night, fighting is the last thing on his mind.

“I’m just trying to stay positive,” he said.

“My jaw is in pieces again so to say things could be a lot better is an understatement.

“But there isn’t anything I can do about it and I’ve just got to get on with it.

“The doctors don’t guarantee anything.

“I’ll be eating soft foods for a few weeks and just playing things by ear.

“I’ve got five pieces of metal in my face at the moment so fighting is the last thing I’m thinking about.

“I’m just looking forward to some family time.

“This is a tough game anyway and I’ve had it harder than most.”

Walsh would like to thank sponsors Green Frog Genovate for their support.