VIDEO: Peter Fury says fans will see special Tyson when he fights Klitschko

Tyson Fury’s trainer believes fight fans will see a special fighter when the Morecambe giant tries to dethrone heavyweight ruler Wladimir Klitschko.

The pair meet in Dusseldorf on November 28 with coach, manager and uncle Peter Fury believing the unbeaten 27-year-old has to tools to give the Ukrainian champion plenty of problems.

Tyson Fury being trained by Peter Fury. Photo: Nick Potts/PA Wire

Tyson Fury being trained by Peter Fury. Photo: Nick Potts/PA Wire

He said: “I just think Tyson is a whole different fighter to anything he’s fought before.

“You’ve got a 6’9 heavyweight that can do a hell of a lot.

“In Tyson’s previous fights I don’t think you’ve really scratched the surface of what this lad is capable of doing. He’s only done as much as he needs to do.

“On the night you will see a very special Tyson, a Tyson that you’ve not seen before.”

Uncle Peter believes his charge’s antics in and out of the ring, which included dressing up as Batman at a London press conference mean that some aren’t taking the challenger seriously enough.

He said: “Totally they underestimate him.

“They see a little bit of fat over his shorts and think he’s got a belly and are bothered that he hasn’t got a six pack and isn’t a body beautiful.

“Tyson is an animal in the gym. He’s fitter than any welterweight in the gym.

“He can out sprint and out run anyone. He does 23 or 24 rounds of sparring with one man in and one man out every 30 seconds.

“He’s an exceptional athlete, that’s what people don’t see.

“They’re in a cuckoo land. This guy can train anyone through the floor.

“He’s got that mental strength and it’s almost freakish what he can do.

“People don’t see that but they’ll see it on the 28th.”

Team Fury believe their man has age on his side at 12 years the junior of the 39-year-old champion.

Peter believes his nephew has developed well and although young for a heavyweight at 27, is challenging for the biggest prize in sport at just the right time.

He said: “He’s 27 but he’s been in tough fights.

“He’s been on the floor and been in hard fights. He’s come up the right way and had a good grounding.

“He’s only been on the floor, not because he can’t take a punch, but because of how his mind is set.

“When you’re young in your mind you don’t really value what’s in front of 

“You’re not thinking of any danger and you can get clipped.

“Mentally growing up into a responsible fighter takes time but he’s there now.

“He’s a real professional, knows it’s his living. I see a mature fighter.

“He’s definitely ready for this fight. It is his time.”