Varey becomes national champ

Shaun Michael at Skerton's new gym in Edward Street, Morecambe, with the trophy awarded to him at Newbiggin.
Shaun Michael at Skerton's new gym in Edward Street, Morecambe, with the trophy awarded to him at Newbiggin.

SKERTON ABC has announced that one of the club’s young boxers has achieved the pinnacle for his age group in amateur boxing.

Shaun Michael Varey – “The Heartbreak Kid” – has become an ABA national champion at his first time of entering the competition.

The 11-year-old is now acclaimed as the best boxer at his age and weight in the country.

Shaun Michael is now in line to be called up for the Junior England ABA squad, following in the footsteps of other Schoolboy Champions such as Amir Khan.

Shaun Michael had to overcome several very tough opponents to achieve his target, but his determination and tough attitude helped him through to the final.

In the final, held in Newbiggin, Shaun Michael came up against very strong opposition, and from the opening round everybody in the packed arena knew this was going to be an explosive bout.

The first round was all action with both boxers raining blows to head and body, and at the end of the first it was clear this was going to be a very close bout between two very talented boxers.

The second round saw Shaun Michael take a narrow lead because of his more aggressive approach and superior skills, and his opponent looked like he had bitten off more than he could chew when he finally made it to his stool at the end of the round.

The third round promised to be all action again, and the boxers didn’t disappoint.

Shaun Michael came out and peppered his opponent with some very hard head shots, then cleverly switched to the body, confusing his opponent.

The onslaught continued and Shaun Michael had his opponent backed up against the ropes and gave the referee no option other than to step in and give his opponent a standing eight count.

This only fired Shaun Michael up and as soon as the action was allowed to commence he stepped in and caught his opponent with a straight back hand to the head, knocking him to the floor and the referee stepped in and immediately, calling a stop to the contest. Skerton ABC, as always, had taken a strong contingent of fans to support their boxer, and as always they made their presence known vocally in support of Shaun Michael.

Anybody interested in learning how to box, whether to competitive level or just for keep fit purposes, can contact the club on 077 666 55401.

The club is open to male and female participants from 10 up to 38-years-old and offers coaching from beginner to advanced level.

Skerton ABC now has a female only boxercise session held every Tuesday from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, taken by fully qualified female coaches, a great way to get fit through non-contact boxing exercises.