Uni just a Stebbing stone

Carl Stebbing, Raptors captain.
Carl Stebbing, Raptors captain.

IN the Premier Division of the Lancaster, Morecambe and District Table Tennis League, University B were no match for Raptors, the rampant league leaders, who dominated the match from the start.

Carl Stebbing, Ray Carr and Scot Johnston all finished the match with 100 per cent records and the final score 30-2.

The Allstars are gradually moving up the table and made further progress when Nathan Wong and Alex Simmill led their team to a fine 27-11 victory at home to the Barbarians.

Ken Riley and Mike White fought back to collect two wins for the visitors.

Alan Holt, Phil Goymer and Jamie Bradbury had to be on top form for the Bulldogs when they paid a visit to their close rivals St Luke’s A, for second place in the division.

Chris Knowles won man of the match for the home team winning the first set of the match and partnering Martin Wakelin in winning the doubles.


The final score 22-17 in favour of the Bulldogs moved them to within four points of the Saints.

In Division One, Cyclones managed a good 25-16 win at home to St Luke’s D following a shaky start when Liz Evenson and Ray Gaskell levelled the score at 2-2.

Greg Saul and Millie Corless then took over to win the doubles and five of the final singles sets.

Andrew Williams, Stuart and Kelly Southward dominated for Garstang C in their match with the club’s D team.

Joe Peat and Thomas Gorst recorded a rare success when they won the doubles against the Southwards pair.

University C notched up a good result at St Luke’s winning 21-15 against Brian Gourlay, David Hughes and Ken Lea.

Amy Wells won high praise for her magnificent win against Alistair Short in the match which Dragons won 27-6 against the visiting MCHS Aces.