Table Tennis: Champions beaten while Trimpell Raptors win Coronation Cup

The Riley and Coronation Cup competition finals brought the Lancaster and Morecambe table tennis season to a close last week.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 2:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 2:59 pm
Jack Edwards, Max Hustwick and Max Roarty.

Each competition was played as a series of nine matches with two ends played up to 11 with no deuce and no requirement to win by two clear points.

In the Riley competition for Championship sides, the young Morecambe team beat champions Trimpell Dragons 225-205.

The match was evenly matched to begin with, with Dragons player Mike White clawing one point back against Jack Edwards before Bethany Ellis reduced the deficit by a further 18 points against Max Roarty.

Dave Gott, Toby Ellis and Paul Stebbing.

Max Hustwick then added to the deficit with a two point advantage against Geeza Bilton before Mike White took a large chunk of the advantage from Morecambe with a win against Max Roarty.

Ellis took further bites from the deficit but the match tipped Morecambe’s way winning 225 points to Dragons 205.

In the Coronation Cup, Garstang A were even handicapped against champions Trimpell Raptors.

Raptors wasted no time in hitting their stride with wins from Toby Ellis over Joe Dennison which was quickly cancelled by a win for Matthew Westworth over Dave Gott.

Paul Stebbing pushed on for Raptors with a win over Tom Clarke before Joe Dennison again cancelled out any advantage.

The match continued in this vein of finely balanced pairings with Raptors emerging triumphantly in the last game 211 points to Garstang 194 points.

Despite the fine margins Raptors’ dominance in the competition continues with this result going some way as consolation for their close defeat to Garstang in the Kennon Trophy final earlier in the season.