Swimming: Top six finish for Carnforth Otters at Blackpool Rocks event

Carnforth Otters travelled to Blackpool Rocks to defend their 2016 visiting club trophy, and although they failed to retain it, they managed a top-six place.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th May 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 12th May 2017, 1:25 pm
Carnforth Otters at Blackpool Rocks.
Carnforth Otters at Blackpool Rocks.

In the 400m freestyle, McKenzie Ronson Horrocks (11) confirmed his place in the top 10 in the British rankings by slashing his 5:11 PB with an incredible time of 4:59.

Also taking more than 20 seconds off their personal best times were Paige Evans (11) 5:55, Maia Bishop (11) 5:35, Hannah McMillan (11) 5:27, and Owain Heathcote-Jones (11) 5:19.

Rhys Ashton (12) 5:08, Ellie Howley (12) 5:19, Tom Adamson (10) 5:34 and Sacha Robb (11) 5:27 also improved their PB times.

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In the 200m events McKenzie Ronson-Horrocks (11) swam 2:25 and George Cookson (13) 2:19.50, both taking silver medals.

Just missing a podium spot with fourth places were Rhys Ashton (12) 2:25, Owain Heathcote Jones (11) 2:31 and Tom Adamson (10) 2:34.

In the 200m breaststroke Maia Bishop (11) and Rosie Wallings (11) both knocked more than 15 seconds off their personal bests with times of 3:35 with Connor White, McKenzie Ronson-Horrocks and George Wilby all putting in personal best swims.

In the 200m backstroke Ellie Howley (2:45.31) knocked a further 15s off her PB while Maia Bishop (11), Hannah McMillan (11), Tom Adamson (10) and Sacha Robb (11) also swan new PBs with McKenzie Ronson Horrocks (11) slashing his time for the 200IM (2:51) in addition to the backstroke (2:42).

Ellie Howley (12) also pulled her 200IM time down to 2:55. Imogen Sharp(10) knocked three seconds off her 100 breaststroke time and achieved a new personal best of 1.42, she also improved on her 100IM time by two seconds.

Poppy Rix rose clocked 51s for her 50m butterfly and 43s in the 50m freestyle while Max Lancaster achieved 41s for his 50m freestyle and a 62s in the 50m breaststroke.

Matthew Crabtree (15) and Richard Mead (16) swam 26s, Ace Bower (12) knocked 5s off his 50m butterfly time to finish in 36s.

In the 100m freestyle Matthew Crabtree (15) posted 57s, as did Richard Mead (16). William Mead 1:03, Alexandra Tokarski (13) 1:06, Rhys Ashton 1:07, McKenzie Ronson Horrocks 1:08 and Owain Heathcote Jones 1:09 were the other finishers.

Molly Moran (11) posted 38s for her 50m freestyle while Kiera Richmond (14) finished on the podium to take the medal tally to 26.