Ruthless Lord destroys rival

From left to right: Mikhail Shaikh, Bob Rowntree, Jack Catlow, Callum Rodriguez, Lee Lord and Carl Whyte at the gym with their medals and trophies from their recent wins.
From left to right: Mikhail Shaikh, Bob Rowntree, Jack Catlow, Callum Rodriguez, Lee Lord and Carl Whyte at the gym with their medals and trophies from their recent wins.

Skerton ABC have had a busy few days on the road boxing with some excellent results.

On Friday in Blackpool three of the club’s senior boxers took to the ring at The Central Club.

First up was Bob Rowntree who was up against a boxer from the home club, Blackpool Kingscote ABC.

Bob entered the ring to a chorus of boos that ensured he was fired up, and from the very first bell it was evident Bob was out to boss the bout and get the win.

Bob had landed heavy shots to his opponent in the first round and continued in the same vain from the start of the second.

It was evident that Bob was stronger than his opponent and in the second round he forced a standing eight count.

The third round started at a frenetic pace with both boxers going all out for the win, but it was the Skerton boxer who wanted it more, and with a flurry of head shots Bob gave the referee no option other than to give his opponent another standing eight count.

As soon as the action commenced Bob landed a big right hand that broke his opponents nose and the referee had no option than to call a halt to the proceedings with Bob’s opponent in no fit state to continue.

Next to step through the ropes in his first appearance as an amateur boxer for Skerton ABC was Carl Whyte.

Carl had been straining at the leash for a while waiting for this first bout and had trained hard to be in the best shape of his life for the bout.

As he stepped into the ring the Blackpool faithful gave him a rousing cheer because he was boxing an opponent from Preston, and the Blackpool crowd had adopted Carl as one of their own for the night.

Although Carl’s opponent was a lot taller, Carl was in no mood to let size matter, and from the first bell rushed his opponent and landed some very heavy blows rocking his opponent and obviously shocking him with the ferocity of the blows.

This caused his opponent to get on the back foot and Carl had to pursue him round the ring to try and land his shots.

The second round started much the same with Carl’s opponent doing everything he could to stay away from the onslaught, but he could only run for so long.

Carl cut the ring off and unloaded lefts and rights to the head and body and his opponent was in real trouble, only the bell saved him from being knocked out.

The third round started with Carl attempting to coax his opponent into a fight, but again his opponent was having none of it, having already realised that he couldn’t handle the power Carl had in both hands, so again he backed off and finally made it to the final bell.

As the ring announcer announced the winner nobody was surprised that Carl’s hand was raised.

Next up saw Lee Lord in his second appearance for the Skerton club, he was raring to go and was in the mood to do the business.

From the very first bell Lee was on the front foot and was giving his opponent all sorts of problems, landing heavy blows to the head and body with some great combinations.

At the end of the first round Lee told his corner men he had damaged his right hand, which later proved to be a fractured knuckle and two broken fingers, but he was determined to carry on and showed the true fighting spirit expected of any Skerton boxer.

The start of the second round saw Lee rush his opponent and landed a cracking left and right to the head and the referee immediately stepped in to give his opponent a standing eight count.

While this was going on Lee was standing in the neutral corner like a man possessed ready to get straight back to work.

The second the referee started the bout again Lee stepped in and landed the sweetest backhand to his opponents chin, knocking him to the floor in what was one of the best KO’s the club has ever seen.

After the doctor had ensured his opponent was okay, Lee was the first to go over to check on his opponent and the two boxers embraced after what had been the fight of the night.

All three Skerton boxers came away with outstanding wins after representing the club and proving the hard training was all worthwhile.

On Sunday in Gorton, Manchester, four of the club’s boxers were in action in the NW Junior and Senior Novice Championship finals.

Jack Catlow, Callum Rodriguez and Tom Hill represented the club in the junior novices, and all three came away winners.

This was a great result for the club, giving each of the lads gold medals and certificates as NW region champions, an accolade that is a great advertisement for the club.

This proves the club is moving in the right direction because for a club of this size to have four NW champions is a great achievement.

The fourth medal winner was senior boxer Mikhail Shaikh, who represented the club against a much more experienced boxer.

All the lads did the club proud with outstanding performances, the club now has such a reputation for producing good boxers their reputation proceeds them, and boxers from other clubs are wary of facing them.

The club is open to males and females from the local community from age eight to 35 wishing to learn how to box, either to competitive level or just for fun.

The club is fully approved by the Amateur Boxing Association of Great Britain and has fully qualified coaches on hand to offer lessons for people of all abilities, from beginner through to advanced.

It is a friendly atmosphere in the gym and can help people who have problems with bullying or anger management issues.

The classes are run on a daily basis from Monday to Friday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

For more details please call Paul Fielding on 077 666 55 401.