Hindley 21-6 Heysham Atoms

Heysham Atoms lost their fifth league game of the season away at Hindley in Wigan on Saturday.

Monday, 3rd August 2015, 11:37 am
Hindley score a try against Heysham Atoms.

It took until the 20 minute mark for the first points to be scored when the Atoms defended their second set of six but the kick at the end of the set by hooker Stephen Sutcliffe was so well placed it gave Chris Piercy just enough space to ground the ball close to the right corner flag.

Chris Scarborough converted from the side lines for a 6-0 lead.

With the half time break approaching the Atoms failed in the concentration stakes, firstly knocking on under their posts, then allowing an offload close to the line for Hindley’s Paul Hersnip to score and put his team 12-0 up.

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There was a noticeable improvement from the Atoms at the start of the second half.

Their defensive line speed increased and aggression into contact was far more enthusiastic as the Atoms looked to make a big statement.

Just as the Atoms looked to be gaining the upper hand it was another handling error coming away from their own line that gifted Hindley cheap possession.

The third Hindley try came from a well placed kick by Stephen Sutcliffe and Darren Picton grounded the ball under the sticks, again Scarborough converted.

The Atoms now had to find four scores to overcome the opposition in the remaining 25 minutes.

The Atoms had to alter to a more risk-based but open set of tactics as they chased hard on the heels of their opponents.

The in-form Atoms second rower Callum Hall made a strong charge down the middle of the park and stand off Stuart Lacey spotted a big gap between the defensive line and the Hindley full back and chipped and chased into the open space.

He hacked ahead as did the aware Atoms winger Michael Forrest and he won the foot race to the touchdown which Billy Livingstone converted.

The committed fight back was on and Dan Ginocchio, Dan Helme and Lacey came up with some outstanding defensive efforts as the Wigan side still posed an attacking threat.

Territory was at a premium on such a small pitch and an Atoms penalty backed them up into their own half, then to compound matters they gave away a second penalty for a shoulder charge but this time it was in kicking range which was gratefully accepted in such a tight game.

The Atoms were mustering up everything they had from their depleted energy stocks but just couldn’t find that all elusive break as the Hindley side could sense a hard earned victory.

The final points of a 9-6 half came in the form of a one point drop goal to Hindley as Scarborough secured the vital competition points for his team.