Raptors too strong for Bulldogs

Abiihav Sinha
Abiihav Sinha

Raptors 21-13 Bulldogs.

Ray Carr, Paul and Carl Stebbing had to be on top form to hold off a strong challenge from their club rivals.

Alan Holt was the surprise pacet with two singles victories for the “dogs”. The Stebbing pairing made the difference with a clear 3-0 win in the doubles.

St.Lukes A 19

Trimpell Dragons 18

Matthew Neal won man of the match for the Saints with a 100 per cent match record, leading the way for the narrow team victory.

The crunch match came in the ninth set when Neal came from behind to defeat Welbourne the Dragons number one player who had assisted Alan Hyde to win the doubles.

Garstang Cowboys 17

St.Lukes A 17

The away team were involved in a second close match when Paul Hines, Chris Knowles and Tony March had use all their superior experience to finish with a drawn result.

Knowles and March swung the result towards the visitors by defeating teenagers Owen Bendall and Tommy Kennedy in the doubles.

Morecambe 22

University Pythons 10

Adam Ordenez and Abhinav Sinha were the stars of this match by winning two singles each and winning the doubles against Anthony Kun and Uqba Javed.

The home team lost ground and slipped to third place in the league.