Pair were addicted to running straightaway

Carole and David Wilkinson.Carole and David Wilkinson.
Carole and David Wilkinson.
In the second of a series of articles, David and Carole Wilkinson explain why they've been members of Lancaster and Morecambe AC for 13 years.

First memory of running?

David was talked into entering his first race in July 1997, the Lancaster 10K from Vale of Lune.

He was a non-runner and entered for fun finishing in 53 minutes. Carole started running in 1998 after being talked into entering The Great North Run. Both of us were addicted straight away, and have run ever since.

Why did you join Lancaster & Morecambe AC?

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We had run lots of races over the years and kept meeting club runners who were all very enthusiastic and supportive.

It is a great feeling representing your club running in your club vest.

Best things about training with the club?

No matter how you feel on the night, once you get moving with your training group your mood lifts and you feel motivated.

It is always good to compare running experiences.

Favourite places to run in Lancaster/Morecambe?

David’s favourite run in the area is from Lancaster Town Hall, up the hill to Ashton Memorial.

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The reward is being able to run back down. Carole’s favourite run is either down Lancaster Quay or Morecambe Promenade to enjoy the views and open spaces.

What is your proudest running achievement so far and what is your next goal?

Carole’s proudest achievement was succeeding in getting under four hours for a marathon.

She managed to complete Lochaber Marathon in 3hrs 44min. David’s proudest achievement is that he has run hundreds of races up to Marathon distance and has never failed to finish a race. 
Both of us agree that our next goal is to improve our times on shorter distances.

Favourite race?

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David’s favourite race is the Conwy Half Marathon. He enjoys the challenge of running round the Great Orme in Llandudno.

Carole’s favourite race is the Snowdonia Marathon, probably because it was the first race she beat David.

What do you like most about running?

We both agree that it keeps us fit and motivated.

The feeling of moving faster than somebody else, whether it be walking or running becomes addictive.

Does the fact you both run help keep you motivated? Does it ever get competitive between you?!

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The fact that we both run means we offer each other support and encouragement.

It only gets competitive between us on marathon races as we both run at a similar pace. Usually Carole manages a faster finish.

Any top tips for new runners?

When you start running from scratch take at least 12 weeks before you run 20 minutes without stopping.

Don’t try and do too much too soon as you don’t want to lose motivation.

Does your family run?

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Our enthusiasm has now been passed on to our daughter Nadine Parsons who is a member of Garstang Running Club.

Our two grandchildren Austin (8yrs) and Marine (4yrs) have just started doing Lancaster Park Run.

Lancaster & Morecambe AC is offering a free trial for road runners (aged over 18) throughout September.

Training nights are held from the clubhouse on the track at Salt Ayre Sports Centre, every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30pm to 8pm.

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If you would like to take up the free trial just turn up on any club night during September and ask for one of run leaders.

The club welcomes runners of all abilities so come along and give running a try.