Outstanding win for classy Varey

Niall Fielding and Callum Rodriguez with their trophies after their recent bouts.
Niall Fielding and Callum Rodriguez with their trophies after their recent bouts.

Skerton Boxers have again been busy on their travels this week.

On Friday night in Hebden Bridge four of the clubs boxers were in action.

Shaun Michael Varey was the first boxer to step into the ring for Skerton and he had a lot to live up to after winning a National championship last season.

He didn’t disappoint, from the first bell he was back to his usual all-action best and was far too busy for his opponent to handle.

The second round started with Shaun Michael piling on the pressure and it was only a matter of time until the referee rescued his opponent from the constant pressure.

In fact it was within the first minute of the second round the referee had seen enough and indeed stepped in to halt proceedings to ensure Shaun Michael’s opponent took no further punishment.

So a good start to proceedings for the Skerton club, next into the ring was Niall Fielding in his first outing of the season.

Niall had been plagued with injuries for the past 12 months and was desperate to get back in to represent the club, he was up against a Yorkshire champion who was very experienced and towered over Niall.

But the first round started and it looked like an evenly matched contest with both boxers scoring with good clean shots.

The second round was much the same with it being very close and very difficult to seperate the scores.

It was evident that both boxers would need to step up the pressure and work rate if they wanted the win, and it was clear Niall’s corner man had motivated him to the limit because he came out fired up and upped his work rate and landed the cleaner shots.

Niall caught his opponent with some very heavy back hand shots to the head, and cleverly switched to the body, landing some good hooks before catching him with some good uppercuts in close.

This was a close bout, and the Yorkshire boxer was on home turf so it could have gone either way, but with relief Niall’s hand was raised as a majority winner getting his season off to a winning start.

Next through the ropes was Carl Whyte, Carl was back in action after his recent great win in Blackpool and was eager to carry on in the winning vein.

The first and second round saw Carl take complete control, scoring clean shots to his opponent’s head and body.

The third round started with Carl only having to go through the motions to ensure a victory, when out of the blue, Carl threw an innocuous right hand to his opponents head and then his right arm dropped to his side.

It was evident Carl had sustained a bad injury and the referee halted proceedings to check on Carl’s welfare.

Immediately there was concern because he was obviously in extreme pain, and the referee had no option other than to call a halt to proceedings with Carl unable to continue.

The doctor checked his arm and the bad news was he had torn a tendon in his arm and will need a few weeks out to recover.

Next through the ropes representing Skerton was Mikail Shaikh, a senior boxer who had knocked out his opponent in his last outing.

Mikail was confident going into the bout and the club were expecting a great fight as always.

They weren’t let down, because from the first bell it was a fast paced bout with both boxers giving it their all.

It was a very close bout with some very heavy blows landed by each boxer, but it seemed like Mikail was getting the better of the exchanges and landing the heavier and cleaner blows.

At the end of the third round the referee had the boxers in the centre of the ring ready for the announcement, and the travelling Skerton fans were confident of another win, but to the dismay of the club it was announced that Mikail had lost by one point.

The decision was taken with great sportsmanship by Mikail, who immediately congratulated his opponent, but a rematch is expected and Mikail will be determined to turn round the result.

On Saturday in Bacup Skerton had Callum Rodriguez representing the club.

Callum started the bout at a frenetic pace and was outpointing his opponent easily. The second round saw his opponent step up his work rate and got back into the contest.

It was even on points going into the third and Callum once again came out at a fast pace from the bell, he caught his opponent with some clean hard head shots that obviously swayed the decision in Callum’s favour and his hand was raised as a majority winner.

So all in all it was a mixed weekend for the club, but every boxer representing the club gave 100% and did the club proud.

All the club’s boxers will be showcasing their skills on the upcoming home show on Thursday, December 6 at the Vale of Lune Rugby Club, on the card there will be a minimum of 16 bouts, and eight of the club’s boxers will be fighting for NW Championship belts.

Tickets are available by calling Paul Fielding on 077 666 55 401. Tickets are priced at £15 for standing or £20 for a ringside table with hot pot supper.