Women only weights classes at 3-1-5 X-Force Health Club

Weighty matters: find out how the free weights zone at this Lancaster health club can help you burn fat.

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Friday, 7th January 2022, 10:18 am
Instructor Lydia at work

While membership at many gyms is split roughly 50/50 between men and women, a survey showed women were more interested in fitness classes than men. This means that in some cases women feel certain parts of a health club – like free weights – are somehow off limits.

Now 3-1-5 health club in Lancaster wants to encourage more women to join in, – and banish the misconceptions many people have around free weights.

Lydia Reynolds from 3-1-5 said: “Many women are put off lifting weights as they think it’s all about muscle mass, with no other benefits.

There are lots of benefits to weights

“But we find that women get so much more out of weights – yes, you can build muscle, but more than that it is a great tool for fat loss.

“Our Raise the Bar programme takes place in the free weights zone, where you go at your own pace, with full supervision, making it the right class for you, every time.”

What is free weights lifting?

If you’ve never done it before, don’t be daunted. You start at a level you can cope with and slowly build your way up using various types of equipment – within weeks weights you previously thought were beyond you will become your norm.

Lydia, a fitness instructor and personal trainer at 3-1-5 runs a specialist free weight programme just for women. She said: “I wanted to start the Raise the Bar programme to help encourage ladies as they took their first steps in the free weights area.

“Lifting weights is beneficial for anyone and everyone.

However, without the knowledge and guidance it can be a little nerve-wracking.

“These classes are your space, with a small group of like-minded ladies. You can learn the basics of using dumbbells, resistance machines and all different kinds of equipment in the free weights area.”

The four week courses cover exercise and technique, covering all muscle groups, helping beginners build their own confidence and prepare to train by themselves.

Lydia added: “You might even meet a new gym buddy to train with!”


Tracy was a recent ‘graduate’ of the four week course. She said: “I was completely new to free weights and had no idea where to start.

“I felt intimidated about even entering the free weights area. This course has given me so much confidence and shown me how to build weight training into my fitness routine.

“Lydia is a friendly and encouraging trainer and explained everything. I could feel improvement in my form from the very first session. I highly recommend this course, I learnt so much.”

Want to know more? Visit www.3-1-5.co.uk/raise-the-bar/– it’s more than just a gym.