Strongman Hicks just misses out at UK Championships

Morecambe strongman Graham Hicks has vowed to one day win the UK Championships after his narrow miss last week in St Albans.

Friday, 2nd August 2019, 3:40 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd August 2019, 4:40 pm
Graham Hicks.

The 33-year-old, who is the reigning British champion, finished second - an unfortunate injury sustained in the opening discipline ruining his hopes of victory.

Hicks dropped a yoke on his trailing leg and had to battle through the rest of the competition in serious pain and discomfort.

Despite the obvious disappointment of not winning, Hicks was proud that he managed to battle on and earn a podium finish.

The favourite to win the title, which attracts many young and up-and-coming strongmen, Hicks finished behind Paul Denton.

“The British Championships is more prestigious because it’s a World Championship qualifier and there is higher standard of competition, but UK is still a good one to win,” he said.

“You still get a lot good lads competing in it, but I was the only one in the field who has competed at the World Championships

“I have never won it before so I was disappointed with my second place, but it was more down to injury than strength.

“I dropped the first implement on my foot - I have actually been on crutches all week although there’s no permanent damage, it’s soft tissue damage.

“But I managed to carry on through the day and I was winning the contest quite comfortably, but then it all fell apart for me on the stones.

“I have never done this competition before because like I say it’s lower level.

“It’s still a title that I would have liked to have won

“I think I am going to have add it to my bucket list and try to go for it again next year.”

In the future, as well as continuing with the strongman circuit, Hicks has set his sights on powerlifting and becoming the best in the world at that.

“I think I have got a very good chance of becoming the best powerlifter in the world,” Hicks said.

“I can be a decent strongman, but I will never be the best. I think though I have a very good chance of being the best powerlifter.”