VIDEO: Fury not just going to Germany for the ride

Tyson Fury and his team aren’t going over to Germany to simply enjoy the ride on the grandest of stages, according to his trainer and uncle.

The Morecambe giant challenges undisputed heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf on November 28 and his coach says Tyson and his team are full of respect for the Ukrainian great.

Peter Fury (left) and Tyson Fury (right).

Peter Fury (left) and Tyson Fury (right).

But he insisted that shouldn’t be misconstrued as a belief that the result is a forgone conclusion.

Peter said: “I’ve always given Wladimir Klitschko the maximum respect.

“He is a champion who has achieved what Tyson can only dream of achieving, all aspiring heavyweights hope to achieve.

“He’s been there, done it, got the t-shirt and still owns it.

“He is a great champion, a great ambassador for boxing and it’s a pleasure to be taking part in this event.

“But this is a fight where we’re not undermined anywhere. Whoever the best man is on the night will win. I can’t say 100 per cent it’s going to be Tyson because he’s up against a very good man in Wladimir Klitschko.

“If Wladimir is too good for Tyson, he’s too good for him, it’s not Tyson’s time and he’ll take defeat like a man as he does victory.

“It can go either way though. What I’m happy with is Tyson’s 110 per cent ready.

“Do I think he can win? 100 per cent. Does Tyson think he can win? 150 per cent.”

British fighters have often come out on the wrong end of close decisions in Germany and Peter is well aware of the dangers.

While insisting Team Fury won’t be unsettled by any shenanigans out of the ring the highly-respected trainer knows his man is unlikely to win on points.

He said: “It could affect some people but not us.

“It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just games to us and we’re not interested.

“If they want to walk Tyson round the stadium a couple of times or have him walk up and down some steps, no problem.

“The guy’s been in a five month training camp, is super fit, knows what he’s got to do when he gets in there.

“He’s not going to be thrown but you can’t expect to go to a lineal champion’s home town where he’s built up his reputation over the years and have a close fight and you’re edging it and thinking you’re going to get it.

“That’s clearly not going to happen.”

Victory in Klitschko’s backyard would be a real family affair for the Furys.

Tyson’s father John returned to the fold earlier this year after time in prison while his late uncle Hughie, from Lancaster, is always in the forefront of everyone’s minds having trained the Morecambe-based giant in the early part of his career.

Peter said: “The family environment is very good.

“John’s my brother, Tyson’s father, and he knows what we have to do.

“He leaves us to it and helps us wherever we need it. He’s there at the sparring.

“He’s part of the team. It’s just a real plus that he’s home and we’re all one unit.

“It would be really sweet for us all, especially with what happened to my late brother who passed away last year.

“Life’s full of ups and downs.

“He’s paramount though. God willing Tyson comes through this fight he will get the maximum credit.”