Two more TT wins for McGuinness

John McGuinness tops the podium after his 18th TT win. Picture: Stephen Davison - Pacemaker Press International
John McGuinness tops the podium after his 18th TT win. Picture: Stephen Davison - Pacemaker Press International

JOHN McGuinness enhanced his status as an Isle of Man TT legend with his 18th and 19th victories on the island.

The Morecambe Missile followed up victory in Saturday’s Superbike TT with a win in Monday’s Superstock race on Monday evening to move within seven of the late, great, Joey Dunlop’s record of 26 TT wins.

The two wins, and a fourth-placed finish in Monday’s Supersport race, mean McGuinness now holds a nine-point lead in this year’s TT championship.

Monday’s Superstock win, which he led from start to finish on his Padgetts Honda, was his first ever in the class after numerous podiums.

McGuinness came home nearly eight seconds clear of nearest rival Michael Dunlop for his second victory of the week, despite an earlier scare where he was running low on fuel.

He said: “The Superstock race was really tough but I concentrated really hard and having come close before, I really, really wanted it today.

“It was close early on and I pushed and pushed as hard as I could but I had a major scare on the second lap when the bike started to run low on fuel.

“I had to nurse the bike home over the last few miles and I’m surprised I didn’t lose much time.

“I had a bit of a buffer and was able to ease away in the final two laps and then take it steady over the mountain for the last time just to make sure we had enough fuel to get home.

“I was able to use my experience and make sure I didn’t over rev the bike, short shifted where I could and after chasing a Superstock win for a long time, I’ve finally done it and it means a lot.

“It’s the bike I ride in the British Championships and, deep down, I felt that this would be my best ever chance in the Superstock race so it feels fantastic to finally do it.

“It was certainly tough and the sun was a real issue, especially through Greeba, Appledene and Gorse Lea but we managed to do it and it’s superb.”

The Morecambe man came under an early challenge from Ryan Farquhar, with McGuinness’ lead only 0.17 seconds after the opening lap, but slowly but surely, he began to eke out a bit of a gap.

On the final lap, McGuinness was able to control his lead and, taking extra care on the drop down the mountain to conserve fuel, he won the race from Dunlop who relegated Farquhar to third on the final lap.

In Saturday’s Superbike race, the Honda TT Legends rider overcame an early challenge from Australian Cameron Donald and helped by two slick pit stops, extended his lead of six seconds at half race distance to 18 seconds and he was able to ease off slightly on the final lap to take the chequered flag and win his seventh Superbike/Formula One TT race by 14 seconds.

McGuinness led in the early stages and Donald managed to overhaul him but aided by the fastest lap of the race, 130.483mph, the Morecambe man was able to consistently edge away in the second half of the race.

Donald put in his first 130mph plus laps to take a good second and New Zealand’s Bruce Anstey came home third.

McGuinness’ team-mate Simon Andrews crashed out at the Graham Memorial with the Honda Legends rider later reported to have a cracked shoulder, a broken wrist and a broken ankle.