Top 16 joy for girls

Great Wood School Girls' Table Tennis team.
Great Wood School Girls' Table Tennis team.

GREAT Wood School’s Girls Table Tennis A team of Alice Dillon, Rosie Logue, Anna Duckworth and Nicole Melrose, travelled to Blackburn for the North of England Zone finals in November, where the team were crowned Champions of Lancashire.

They played against the Merseyside and the Shropshire champions, beating Shropshire 8–0, and in a tight match against Merseyside, Great Wood were victorious beating them 6–2. This was a long, tiring day but the girls played hard, and they can now claim to be one of the 16 top schools for table tennis in the country.

They were very enthusiastic about doing well and practised every day after school the week before the competition.

The next stage sees Great Wood visit Blackburn again on February 25.