Skerton fighters claim regional titles after convincing victories

Niall Doherty and Sean Coxon.
Niall Doherty and Sean Coxon.

Friday night saw two Skerton boxers competing for NW Region Championship belts.

Sean Coxon (25) was first to enter the ring for the Lancaster club and he was against Leigh ABC boxer Rory Roberts (32).

They were contesting for the 74kg NW Title belt in what was to be an all action bout.

Coxon caught Roberts with some heavy shots in the first round and in the second he was too slick and hard to catch for his opponent.

Roberts needed a knockout to win in the final round but Coxon continued to land at will and had his hand raised as the unanimous winner.

Second up for Skerton was Niall Doherty (19) boxing against Matty Burgess (22), again from Leigh ABC.

From the first bell both boxers threw big heavy shots, but it was Doherty who landed the cleaner, harder punches.

Round two saw no let up in the pace and Burgess tried to push the Skerton fighter back, but Doherty was in no mood to take a backward step and continued to land some very hard head shots that rocked the Leigh boxer.

In the third Doherty landed the better shots and had his opponent in trouble in the corner but Burgess survived the onslaught, but Doherty’s hand was raised at the end.

The club has Andre Vidal Junior boxing this Saturday for the NW elite Youth title in Manchester at 75-80kg.

Vidal has already won a NW novice title this year and a NW CYP title so is hoping to add to his growing collection.