“It felt horrible”: Isaac Lowe on tough decision to switch trainers

Jimmy Harrington lifts Isaac Lowe aloft after his draw with Ryan Walsh.
Jimmy Harrington lifts Isaac Lowe aloft after his draw with Ryan Walsh.

Isaac Lowe insists he needed to change trainers in order to save him from himself and keep his boxing career alive.

Morecambe’s former English and Commonwealth featherweight champion has split with Jimmy Harrington and will now be working with long-time friend Tyson Fury’s new cornerman Ben Davison.

Lowe and Tyson Fury have been friends since childhood.

Lowe and Tyson Fury have been friends since childhood.

The 24-year-old admits he has lacked discipline away from the ring at his Doncaster base meaning he has taken the tough decision to make a major switch.

Harrington oversaw Lowe’s two major title wins over the last three years and was also in his corner for his European and British title challenges.

But as he struggles to knuckle down ahead of a potential rematch with current Lord Lonsdale belt holder Ryan Walsh, the Westgate Warrior is set to link up with Fury in Marbella after the former world heavyweight champion’s return to the ring in Manchester on Saturday night.

“I’m going over there for a full camp and will just get locked away,” said Lowe.

“That was part and parcel of me switching.

“Jimmy’s a great guy, he’s like a big brother to me.

“I’m full of respect for him and hopefully one day we’ll link back up together.

“But in Doncaster I was getting too comfortable. I wasn’t training as much as I should be, I was messing about and doing things that I shouldn’t have done.

“I basically packed in boxing.

“I never wanted to leave Jimmy for another trainer but I spoke to Tyson and Ben and it’s gone from there.

“They are people that can push me like Jimmy did, I wouldn’t leave him for anyone else.

“It felt horrible to do it but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

“All good things come to an end but I needed a change to give myself an extra kick and extra push.

“I’m looking forward to a new chapter.”

Lowe says he even asked Harrington to join him such was his respect for a man who has worked with his amateur trainer Bob Howard in recent years.

“I wish I could still have Jimmy with me,” said the former Lancaster Boxing Academy youngster.

“I did say he could come over and train with me.

“For my own future I needed to get myself away from that environment though.

“I would go to the gym and work hard but then I’d head out for a McDonald’s or do things that I shouldn’t be doing.

“I was cheating myself and I need to be more disciplined.

“I’ll still got it in me to win that British title and I’m not letting it slip.

“There’s no excuses now.”

Lowe is hoping for news soon on a rematch with Walsh after the pair’s toe-to-toe 12-round clash ended in a draw back in February.