Ingham still going strong

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THE Kent Valley Road Club had marginally better weather for their evening 10 on Wednesday than Lancaster CC had on Thursday evening. John Ingham, in the second season of his comeback, shows no sign of slowing down in his 50s and won his former club’s event in a fine 22:38 with the home club’s Chris Dixon second in a time of 24:01.

The following evening’s Lancaster CC/Salt Ayre Cog Set’s evening TTs was nearly cancelled on safety grounds due to the heavy rain on a track that hadn’t seen more than a drop in weeks.

As 7pm approached the rain had almost stopped, leaving the track quite wet, so the decision was left to the riders and a total of 35 chose to ride. Nine-year-old Ffion Ashton, having ridden the six mile race for the last two weeks, opted to change to the two mile event and came out on top with 7:10, the third fastest time of the year. Callum Young, at 16-years-old in his last year of eligibility for the Cog Set, is having a good season of Salt Ayre time trials with his fourth successive win and his 15:13 was his fifth 15min ride. Tim Birkett set the Salt Ayre six mile record in the first race of the season with 14:16 and he, Callum and several other older Cog Set riders look set to challenge this as the season progresses.

In the 10 mile event Dave Chell, another rider making a successful comeback this year, was the fastest of the 18 riders recording 23:48 – quite a respectable time in the worsening conditions.

Tuesday’s Salt Ayre Cycling Association/ League event had nearly 50 riders sign on in fine weather. Sam Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase) scored his second win out of the four events so far, narrowing the gap between himself and current league leader Julian Pearson (Teamwallis CHH) to only five points. The Biketreks racing team had their highest placing so far with Kieren Banlin coming in second. The league table with four out of the 19 counting events completed is starting to take shape and shows Biketreks RT, Herbalife/Wheelbase and Teamwallis CHH each with two riders in the top 10.

The weekend’s open time trial events were both organised by the Wigan Wheelers club – a 10 on the Garstang to Hampson Green course on Saturday afternoon and a 30 on Sunday morning using two laps of the Garsang, Cockerham, Stakepool circuit. The 10 was won by Mark Holton (Www Drag2zero.Com) with a fast 19:57, nearly a minute ahead of Carlos Riise (Shetland Whls) who recorded 20:49. Lancaster CC had three riders in the event: Phil Barnes, Sharron Clifford and Ken Peasnell who recorded 22:50, 26:41 and 28:39 respectively. Sundays 30, one of only a dozen or so events nationally at this distance, was won by Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys RC) with 1:06:16 with Riise again in second place two and a half minutes slower.

Massed start racing over the weekend took the form of the North West Youth Circuit Race Championships at Victoria Park, Southport, on Saturday and the West Pennine Road Race on the Bashall Eaves Circuit on Sunday. In the youth racing a small party from Salt Ayre Cog Set did well coming away with Silver for Caitlin Flynn in the U14 girls race and a Bronze for John Didsbury in the corresponding boys race. Herbalife/Wheelbase’s Jack Sadler, who has been racing against and beating seniors in the Salt Ayre races, won the U16 boys championship to bring home the gold medal.

Team Wallis CHH’s Calum Nicholson won the 90km West Pennine Road Race on Sunday after instigating a two up breakaway on the first climb of the first lap of six. Working well together Calum and his breakaway partner Tavis Walker (Adoo Cadence RT) stayed the distance with Calum going for a long sprint at the finish to comfortably win.

This coming Sunday sees both the Lune RCC and Lancaster CC organising open events. Lancaster CC’s 50 is on the A66 Cockermouth to Keswick course and Lune RCC’s Capernwray RR are both on Sunday morning.

Results: Salt Ayre Cycling Association/ League 2011 – Event 4 3/5/2011: 1 Samuel Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase); 2 Kieren Banlin (Biketreks RT); 3 Steven Ward (Maxgear RT); 4 Julian Pearson (Teamwallis CHH); 5 Christopher Anderson (Biketreks RT); 6 Jack Sadler (Herbalife/Wheelbase); 7 Alex Kinvig (Columbia Bikefood); 8 James Claydon (Sport City Velo); 9 Graham Atkinson (Lancaster CC); 10 Andrew Pickering (Lune RCC) League standings after four events: 1 Julian Pearson (Teamwallis CHH) 51 points; 2 Sam Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 46p; 3 Jack Sadler (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 27p; 4 Andrew Pickering (Lune RCC) 26p; 5 Calum Nicholson (Teamwallis CHH) 19p.

KVRC - Milnthorpe 10 – 04/05/2011: 1 John Ingham (Lancaster CC) 22:38; 2 Chris Dixon 24:01; Paul Erissen (Cleveleys) 24:12; 4 Steve Hodgson 24:22; 5 Ian Jackson 24:45; 6 Chris Stilling 24:47; 7 Stuart Mounsey 25:18; 8 Dan Graham 26:11; 9 Richard Fawcett 26:14; 10 Richard Belk 26:31; 11 Simon Graham 26:55; 12 Paddy Finn 27:22; 13 Sharon Padley (L) 28:30; 14 Fred Pickstone 28:45; 15 Howard Richards 31:08; 16 Richard Vernon 31:34; 17 Tom Finn (J) 33:34.

Lancaster CC/SA CogSet – Salt Ayre TTs – 05/05/2011: TWO MILES: 1 Ffion Ashton 7:10; 2 Emily Ingham 7:21; 3 Rebecca Rudd 8:24; Mia Johnson 8:43; 5 Sophie Hamilton 9:13; SIX MILES: 1 Callum Young 15:13; 2 John Didsbury 15:51; 3 Matthew Shackleton 16:04; 4 Sarah Hodgson 17:30; 5 Nigel Neil 18:43; 6 Zoe Hamilton 19:57; 7 Ben Hamilton 20:10; 8 Bailey Johnson 20:17; 9 Jason Pullar 20:40; 10 Ross Dorrington 22:23; 11 Ben Hamilton 23:22; Nathan Clarey 16:10 (timed at 6.5 laps); TEN MILES: 1 Dave Chell 23:48; 2 Graham Hodgson 24:29; 3 John Callaghan 24:52; 4 Mark Monkhouse 24:55; 5 Paul Andrews 25:54; 6 Andrew Parker 25:58; 7 Dave Horton 26:02; 8 Ken Peasnell 26:28; 9 Julian Rudd 26:57; 10 Pete Hailwood 27:01; 11 Brian Murray 27:05; 12 Adrian Hamilton 27:09; 13 Sharron Clifford 27:12; 14 Louise McCall 27:31; 15 Jack Pullar 30:57; 16 Andrew Richardson 31:03; 17 Bethany Kettlewell 33:36; Sadler-Andrews 22:55 (timed at 11.5laps).

Wigan Whls - Open 10 – 07/05/2011: 1 Mark Holton (Www Drag2zero.Com) 19:57; 2 Carlo Reis (Shetland Whls) 20:49; 3 Alfred Hilton (Congleton CC) 20:54; 4 Robin Brennan (Preston CC) 21:12; 5 Mark Thaxter (Huddersfield Star Whls) 21:14; 6 Luke Sollitt (Preston Whls) 21:51; 7 Andy Tinsley (Maxgear RT) 21:51; 8 Simon Philips (Pendle Forest CC) 21:54; 9 Matt Stell (Preston Whls) 21:56; 10 Michael Smith (Cleveleys RC) 22:01; 17 Phil Barnes (Lancaster CC) 22:50; 21 Steve Hodgson (Kent Valley RC) 23:18; 34 Ian Jackson (KVRC) 24:21; 44 Sharon Clifford (Coventry RC/LCC) 26:41; 51 Ken Peasnell (LCC) 28:39.

Wigan Whls - SpoCo 30 – 08/05/2011: 1 Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys RC) 1:06:16; 2 Carlos Riise (Shetland Whls) 1:08:48; 3 Paul Shallicker (Coveryourcarcouk) 1:09:28; 4 Julian Markham (Preston CC) 1:09:58; 5 Jon Evans Barrow (Central Whls) 1:10:23; 6 Ste Ludden (St Helens CRC) 1:10:59; 7 Hugh Carthy (Team Jewson/Mi Racing) 1:11:11; 8 Martin Tonge (Rossendale RC) 1:12:18; 9 Jonathan Knox (Teamwallis CHH) 1:12:29; 10 Duncan Orme ( 1:12:33; 12 Chris Anderson (Biketrek RT) 1:13:12; 17 Phil Shaw (Lancaster CC) 1:14:29; 22 Tim Bennett (Kent Valley RC) 1:16:43.

West Pennine Road Race – Bashall Eaves 90Km – 08/05/2011: 1 Calum Nicholson (TeamWallis CHH); 2 Tavis Walker (Adoo Cadence RT); 3 Ben Dean (Clayton Velo); 4 Mike Harrison (Congleton CC); 5 Sam Boast (Cycle Sport Pendle); 6 Stuart Percival (GB Fire Service RT); 7 Phillip Holwell (Boneshakers Trek); 8 Steve Abbott (TeamWallis CHH); 9 Liam Armstrong (VC Briganti; 10 Samuel Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase); 15 Michael Wong (Lancaster CC); 21 Nicolas Bertrand (Biketreks RT); 28 Ian Rutherford (Lune Racing CC); 29 Sandy Lockett (Lune Racing CC).