Hockey veteran wins world silver in Holland

Bill Warrender.
Bill Warrender.

A veteran hockey player has been competing at his sixth World Cup.

Lancaster and Morecambe Hockey Club’s Bill Warrender, 76, helped England to a silver medal in the over 75s section of the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup in The Hague, Holland.

The national side only lost twice to Australia, winning their other four games against the hosts and an Alliance team, made up of players from around the world, without conceding a goal.

Bill, of Levens, said: “It’s the seventh running of the tournament and I’ve played in six.

“It’s the first time the over 75s have been at the tournament.

“Australia have a bigger squad than us and we did everything but beat them!”

The competition, from June 3 to 13, ran alongside the main Hockey World Cup, with Bill honoured to be named man of the match in the first game against Australia.

He said: “The Australians do a poll amongst themselves after every match and I got presented with a shirt.

“It means as much as the silver medal.” Bill, a centre forward, plays for Lancaster and Morecambe’s third XI on home soil but admits that is becoming more and more difficult.

He said: “I’ve been with Lancaster and Morecambe for the last 15 years.

“I’m still trying to keep up with the 17 and 18 year olds but it’s getting harder and harder!

“I don’t want to get in the way of the younger players at Lancaster and Morecambe but to be playing at an international level I need to stay as sharp and fit as I can.”