Cyclists compete in Club Championship

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THE first 2011 Club Championship for Lancaster Cycling Club took place this week, incorporated into the third Bank Holiday 10 at Levens.

There are actually five trophies for this one event – the Mens, Womens, Vets on Standard, Juniors and Youths – but with no under 18s from the club riding and the two women both being first claim to other clubs only two will be presented this year and both the Men’s and Vet’s trophies will grace the mantelpiece of John Ingham.

In cold, drizzly conditions a good field of 24 turned out and with last week’s strong winds finally dropping some good times were recorded. John’s winning time of 21:10, the fastest of the three 21s done by first claim members of Lancaster CC – Graham Hodgson did 21:37 and Dave Chell 21:43 – was not only good enough to win the championship and the vet’s title but he led the trio to a new club team record of 64:30, a four second improvement on the record set last year by John, Phil Barnes and Graham Atkinson.

No records were broken in the other Lancaser CC event last week, the Salt Ayre time trials on a cool, blustery Thursday evening with rain threatening but even in such conditions there was still 45 riders out on the track with, despite the wind some good results. Ten-year-old Kit Nolan-Barnes returned the fastest two mile time of 7:18 and 16-year-old Callum Young continued his domination of the six mile time trials and his 14:21 was only six seconds slower than Tim Birkett’s youth record. He also put John Ingham into second place by 13 seconds but John did claim he was only doing a training ride on his road bike.

Earlier in the week the Salt Ayre circuit had seen the seventh race in the Salt Ayre League. In the senior event 38 riders started the one hour plus five laps race. After several breakaway attempts were brought back, Sam Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase) attacked 1.5 laps out and took Matt Flynn (Velocity) with him.

At the bell Dafydd Dylan (Teamwallis) jumped across to them and when he realised they wouldn’t be caught and with just half a lap to go, Julian Pearson (Teamwallis) made the same move. Dafydd led out to aid Julian but the effort of bridging across affected Julian’s sprint and Sam Jackson just held him off by half-a-wheel. Matt hung on for third with the bunch catching him on the line with Jack Sadler (Herbalife) and Calum Nicholson (Teamwallis) leading them in.

On Thursday 26th Teamwallis CHH RT sent a team to the Tour Series event in Aberystwyth to ride the Regional A support race immediately before the Halfords pro event.

The televised ITV4 coverage showed how horrendous the conditions were. Julian got caught up in an incident caused by the wind where he was blown into a barrier, stayed upright whilst others fell but was delayed.

He was then in a chasing group from which he won the sprint. In the front group Calum Nicholson got third and Dan Davies (one of the Welsh riders on Teamwallis) got seventh.

New to the local racing calendar this year is the Hospice Hill Climb series, a new hill climb series jointly organised by the Lakes Road Club and Barrow Central Wheelers with four events spread over the summer months raising funds for St Mary’s Hospice.

The first event was on Thursday 26th and has attracted a field of 37 including women’s national hill climb champion Lynn Hammel to race up Grizebeck Hill.

With no open hill climb results in his palmarês the impressive winner was John Dodgin of Biketreks RT with 7:21, 10 second faster than Barrow Central’s Scott Smith with Dodgin’s team-mate Nic Bertrand a further 14 seconds back. Lynn Hammel was fourth overall and first lady with 7:48.

Finally, this coming weekend will be a long one for the members of Lancaster Cycling Club involved in the organising of the Le Terrier Cycle Sportive event on Sunday. Before on-line entrys closed on Thursday evening numbers had exceeded the total number of starters last year, 219, and with entry on the day accepted there should be many more.

This year, the fourth event, there is a new HC Route taking last years long route from 77 miles to 103 but the extra 25 miles are by no means easy. By the time riders return to the event HQ at Ashton Memorial in Williamson Park many hours after the 7am start they will know what some of the toughest but also most scenic and quiet roads in the Forest of Bowland AONB are like.

There are two other routes at 43 and 67 miles to choose from, both of which are challenging rides in their own right, for the less adventurous and full details can be found on the website For those who don’t wish to ride but want to do their bit for the charitys and to make this a classic sportive please give your time to help on the day. Get in touch with or contact Bob Muir on 0734 906598.

Results: Salt Ayre Cycling Association/ League 2011 – Event 7 24/05/2011: 1 Sam Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase); 2 Julian Pearson (Teamwallis CHH); 3 Matt Flynn (Velocity/3in1/CNP); 4 Jack Sadler (Herbalife/Wheelbase); 5 Calum Nicholson (Teamwallis CHH); 6 Andrew Pickering (Lune RCC); 7 Steve Ward (Maxgear); 8 Steve Abbott (Teamwallis CHH); 9 Dafydd Dylan (Teamwallis CHH); 10 Lee Carter (Ribble Valley); League Standings after 7 events: 1 Julian Pearson (Teamwallis CHH) 84 Points; 2 Sam Jackson (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 66p; 3 Jack Sadler (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 50p; 4 Calum Nicholson (Teamwallis CHH) 43p; 5 Andrew Pickering (Lune RCC) 41p.

KVRC - Milnthorpe 10 – 25/05/2011: 1 D Baxter 22:27; 2 S Hodgson 23:45; 3 A Barlow 24:04; 4 H Caine 24:09; 5 B Smith 24:20; 6 T Bennett 24:43; 7 G Haworth 25:00; 8 I Jackson 25:03; 9 S Lester 25:11; 10 D Wilkinson 25:11; 11 C Stilling 25:12; 12 S Maudsley 25:24; 13 S Overing 25:26; 14 N Hooker 25:55; 15 C Kennedy 26:16; 16 D Shorrock 26:23; 17 K Baldock 26:46; 18 R Belk 26:54; 19 N Robinson 26:58; 20 A Dixon 27:05; 21 N Stirling 27:07; 22 R Duesbury 27:19; 23 L Barron 27:22; 24 S Graham 27:28; 25 P Finn 28:18; 26 S Hodgson 28:43; 27 R Caines 28:43; 28 F Pickstone 29:00; 29 R Wharton 29:01; 30 K Woof 29:25; 31 A Nicholson (L) 29:51; 32 E Clarke (L) 30:31; 33 C Bell 30:53; 34 T Finn (J) 35:12.

Lancaster CC/SA CogSet – Salt Ayre TTs – 26/05/2011: Two miles: 1 Kit Nowlan-Barnes 7:18; 2 Sarah Didsbury 7:24; 3 Christopher Barlow 7:28; 4 Saskia Hirst 7:57; 5 Abi Trowse 8:19; 6 Mia Johnson 8:20; 7 Louise Didsbury 8:26; 8 Rhys Ashton 9:19; 9 Sophie Hamilton 9:20; 10 Lewis Trowse 10:19; SIX MILES: 1 Callum Young 14:21; 2 John Ingham 14:34; 3 Fabian Brennan 15:22; 4 John Didsbury 15:57; 5 Sam Monkhouse 17:36; 6 Nathan Clarey 17:43; 7 Cameron hirst 18:42; 8 Nigel Neil 19:03; 9 Benjamin Barlow 20:05; 10 jason Pullar 20:32; 11 Ross Dorrington 21:25; 12 Ffion Ashton 21:37; 13 Emily Ingham 22:45; 14 Mary Neil 23:18; 15 Jamie Morphet 23:34; 16 Ben Hamilton 23:59; TEN MILES: 1 Tim Norton 23:50; 2 Mark Monkhouse 24:28; 3 Paul Tynan 24:42; 4 Jonathan Baines 24:54; 5 Adrian Hamilton 25:49; 6 Paul Andrews 25:55; 7 Neil Slater 25:56; 8 Dave Horton 25:59; 9 Peter Hailwood 26:04; 10 Howard Hirst 26:28; 11 Ken Peasnell 26:48; 12 Andrew Richardson 28:47; 13 John Morphet 28:50; 14 Ian Bailey 29:13; 15 James Hulme 30:22; 16 Jack Pullar 30:33; 17 Sandra Ashton 31:12.

Lancaster CC Club Championship 10 – Levens – 30/05/2011: 1 John Ingham 21:10; 2 Graham Hodgson 21:37; 3 Dave Chell 21:43; 4 Andy Barlow (Kent Valley RC) 21:54; 5 Phil Barnes 22:23; 6 Julian Pearson (Team Wallis CHH) 22:27; 7 Paul Boardman 22:45; 8 Tim Bennett (Kent Valley RC) 23:09; 9 Tim Norton 23:12; 10 Nev Pearson (Team Wallis CHH) 23:14; 11 Mike Barlow 23:28; 12 Mark Brennan 23:32; 13 Paul Tynan 23:44; 14 Keith Robertson 24:12; 15 Andrew Paton 24:13; 16 Neil Stirling (Kent Valley RC) 24:54; 17 Neil Slater 24:56; 18 Sharon Clifford (Coventry RC) 25:10; 19 Ken Peasnell 25:44; 20 Jon Barry 25:53; 21 Paul Andrews 26:19; 22 Andrew Bernard 27:08; 23 Ann Nicholson (Kent Valley RC) 27:55.